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I went to the meet and it was a lot of fun! I rode with my friend Jhericca who took Bree and Stephanie with us, too. We all helped set up, and it went really quickly and the venue was nice for being a rental space tied to a medical center. I wish I had taken more pictures, but they did have a photographer there so I got a few of my coord thanks to him.

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This past Monday I started working on patterning [personal profile] insidious's Campanella suit (Ao no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky). This is a tracing off of her Leorio suit, so there are extra seams, and I'm starting to change what lines up where. I'm still unhappy with it so tonight I'm going to re-trace it onto more scrap fabric and try drafting a 2nd take.

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I really gotta crack down on myself and work at getting some stuff done this week. We'll be going to the fabric store saturday and I'll pick up my fabric for Bleublanc.

Last night [ profile] togabitoion and I went to Dave and Busters to play DDR! We got sidetracked by a lot of other games though, lol. She was an ace at Time Crisis when we used to go to the arcade, and Time Crisis 5 was out, so she had to play. It had a new mechanism for ducking left or right, though, and I caught this shot at an unfortunate moment. XD

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DDR has worn me out, but I just need to caffinate tonight and carry on.

I'm sad my guild/clan in SMT:Imagine has dropped down to 3 people. We had 5 at one point. I try to be on whenever I can! If you see me or Ue around, come join us!

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I went back to my old icon journal and realized someone had commented on my Garsiv icon set from the Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie. Now I'm watching that movie again and making new icons lol. I'll upload what I have done today and then work on more later.

I forgot how damn much I love that movie and the characters and actors in it. a;sljghasf And I love family shit and fantasy stories.

Last night I made some low carb hamburger bun bread with Wio flour. It's pretty much regular flour with an enzyme blocker in it, but it's more absorbent than regular flour in my experience, so the first time I made it I had trouble with dry dough. This time, I added WAAAAY too much, and it got stuck on EVERYTHING, omg. It was pretty messy and annoying to deal with, and baking bread is a trip - I have a long way to go to get good at it.

Regardless, it came out okay and maybe it helped that I over-cooked it a bit to compensate. They're all lopsided buns, but they taste good. Tonight is BBQ sandwich night with [personal profile] insidious.

I have been playing catch-up with my games since I have time to now, and only a few things to sew between now and Ikkicon/Christmas. (just a briefcase cover for Leorio and some bows for my roommate's niece) I started up Ys I (Chronicles version) on Steam on my work computer (because it's slow here sometimes and I'm allowed), and I've made it all the way to Zeiss in Trails in the Sky at home. The reason I was up so late finishing the bread is because I got distracted playing that, and RPing. I have a growing urge to RP Kloe in my sandbox, among all the other plot threads I have going on. Sometimes I wish it was as easy to write fic (and with random crossovers for that matter) as it was to do world crossovers in roleplay. There is not enough time in the day for all the muses I want to unleash.
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Mostly recycling old costumes for Otakon. (I can't believe it's a month away!) I'll bring the one I wore to A-kon, and my Daisuke one too, provided the pants still fit. D: But they have that awful glue stain on them and I've been thinking of just sewing my own pair if I can find the right fabric for it. He wears jeans, not slacks, and that has bugged me about the old one. It's not accurate.

I have two paychecks between now and the con, and I can afford it. I'm also going to use that next paycheck to make [ profile] togabitoion and I the maid outfits of Joshua and Estelle Bright from Sora no Kiseki. Since we both have long wigs from when we did the White Flower Madrigal costumes two years ago. (holycrap, that long ago? I feel like I just sewed them. c_c) You can see the picture from the play in the sketches on that same picture (Joshua's in the dress in the middle XD). But after sewing something simple for A-kon, I have the sewing bug back, finally. It's been nice not sewing for almost a year, but it's time to break that streak.

And possibly, if I still have the time/money, I'll pick up and start on Fran. I don't even read Reborn, but I'll apparently be cosplaying from it. XD [ profile] sandkarasu is making Belphegor anyway. Mental note to self. Remember to get the makeup for bloodying up [ profile] indulgent_sin and [ profile] catwithoutagun if she wants it. XD We're recreating an RP scene where Bel attacked Lavi and Yoko.

Edit: Oh. Here's the picture of Joshua. Doesn't he make a cute maid? :D;;
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Well, it was crazy, I probably wouldn't do it again, but it was worth every minute of stress.

I'm having a hard time remembering it all, but basically, I got done all that I could on the cape on Thursday, packed up the fabric for the green undershirt, the sash, and the craft supplies to make the armor, and threw it all in the car. We rushed to get everything packed, but even then we had to make a few return trips to the townhome to get forgotten items. Once we got to the hotel, we all settled down and I started to work on the final touches to Parker's wig. (turns out I didn't need to since our schedules clashed, so I put it aside). Then Byakuya and Aizen's players from [ profile] bleach_mu came to the room to get their commissions. Helped them with that, and got paid. Yay! That money pretty much got me through the entire con. I still owe them each $5 in change though. ;;

Only got a little bit of work done on cosplay that night, such as cutting [ profile] togabitoion's Donna wig, had awesome chinese food, played apples to apples, and then I crashed. The next morning, got up early and worked on some stuff, then we all went to breakfast in the lobby. Ran into another Doctor, and then found Pablo as the 10th Doctor. That was fun. After that, we went back to the room, and I am drawing a blank as to what happened next. I think we debated about when to get our badges, because the lines were still freaking long. I changed into Kunio, and we found the line, then decided to get food first, so we went to subway. Stood in the line for a while, got our badges, and then I went back to the room to change and finish my costume. Spent from Friday afternoon until 7:30 am working on finishing that damn costume. I think somewhere around midnight, [ profile] togabitoion and I both cracked, because she was so hyper that she couldn't stand still while I pinned parts of my costume to her, and when I scolded her, she just started cackling like a mad woman. *dies* The neighbors thought we had lost it. Somewhere in all of that was a catfight and punched boobs, but we were laughing so hard that there were no hard feelings. It took a good 10 minutes for all of us to stop laughing, but I think we needed that. I also cut [ profile] sandkarasu's wig that night. Don't let me handle a blowdryer when sleepy. ;;;

I finally had my breakdown the next day, after ALL of it was finished. I'd like to say that I've gotten much better at staying calm while I'm working. When I'm making something, I get in this groove where I know I just have to keep working, and the less I say to people, the less stressed we all will be. I've learned a lot from how badly it's taken when I panic in past years, so I only got upset maybe once in the past week. But... it all built up, and when we went to the Video Games World Record meetup, it was so hot and claustrophobic and being told how long it would take (not to mention me being bitter over all the special attention 'Dead or Alive' was getting) was making me pissy. I worked really hard all week because I wanted to have our costumes done in time to get photos as a group, and most of the day had been wasted already. In retrospect, I acted like a spoiled child, and I'm horribly embarrassed and ashamed. Especially since everyone else felt shitty too, they were just better at not showing it. I'm glad you're ok, [ profile] togabitoion. ._.

In the end, however, I guess it was kinda worth it. We had 697 people at the end, and I even got on camera (I was NEVER so grateful for a mask in all my life, to hide my tears), and managed to calmly state what game I was from, before freaking out again. ;;; At that point I just wanted out of there because crying in front of 400+ people is never fun.

Later, we went back to the room, munched on food, made sure no one was dehydrated, and ran off to the cosplay contest. For doing a walkon, I'm really happy we managed to get 3 poses turned somewhat into a skit-like performance. We didn't even get to rehearse aside from showing each other what we'd do, and watching each other for timing. Even though I had no periforal vision, I managed to bow at the exact time [ profile] sandkarasu did too! XD And I believe Will made some sort of motion at that exact moment too, so it all looked well timed. Yay for miracles! When it was over, we visited with some other cosplayers. I'm so happy with how everyone's turned out! You guys all looked great! I'm really sorry I couldn't hang out, but when I got back to our room, apparently I crashed so hard on the couch sitting partially upright, that no one woke me until bedtime, when it was only to drag me off of it so they could pull out the hideaway bed. I slept about 10 or so hours, I think.

Sunday we woke up and packed, cleaned, and um... got stuck in elevators/separated/or otherwise waited a lifetime just to get downstairs. I HATE A-kon's elevators. HATE. And some fucker had to pull the fire alarm and get some of us separated. I accidentally packed my Blblanc pants in my suitcase, which was already packed into the car, so I had another panic attack in the room, and had to run downstairs to get the valet to find the car again. Fortunately they were wrapped up in my other costume, so I got them finally and we all got ready and went to have our photoshoot. We goofed off in the skybridge by the plaza for a while, until [ profile] rubyredrose was able to meet up with us. Your Freya mask is AWESOME! *__* Then she went to change, while we all abused Will in his Alba costume, and Alba and Weismann kicked Campanella while he was down. XD Skypirate got some photos of us, and then when Katie got back in her Leonhardt costume, we went to the mall to get food. Then I found everyone else I had missed all weekend! Yay! Got to chat about stuff, and I promise I'll get you guys some pics of the characters from the game if you want to join us at another con! We'll be cosplaying from this game for a while.

I was kinda afraid that we wouldn't be able to get photos in the plaza because it's stupid government property now (What a WASTE of good architecture! UGH.), but at least they let us get some by the fountain. I wanted to stand next to the white marble hall sSO fucking badly. Motherfuckers.

Excuse my french. I am VERY upset over that.

Anyway, we still got some good photos, and then we finally went outside to the cancer survivors park, and got pictures there. Blblanc tried to steal the giant marble, but it was too heavy. Alba found it very interesting to research. Blblanc found Alba's pockets very interesting to research! :D Weismann and Leonhardt had a fancy dance, before he went back to being emo and died. Oh, and Campanella was smug and creepy. c_____c I'm not going near that kid again.

Then we went home and had burritos.

The end.


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