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Having caught up with Sword Art Online, I have a lot of feelings on it to sort out.

For one, I take back a few things about saying it wasn't a complete rip off of .hack//, but at the same time, it still isn't. I think it had enough merits and unique twists that when I thought I saw a parallel, it broke it with its own take on it. But I don't know that I'll ever not be annoyed at the things that are outright the same.

Even still, I find some hilarious blatancy in the fact that Yuki Kajiura did the music for it. Really? I love her music, but it feels like they were trying to one-up .hack//.

And to be honest, if you didn't like .hack//, they probably did. I shouldn't compare them, although it's a little hard.

One thing I can say without a doubt though is that I honestly have enjoyed what I saw so far, and they're doing what .hack// never gave me: a continuation within the anime beyond that final battle. Seriously, there's more to this? I'm on the edge of my seat.

I wish they had given the side characters more time though. I didn't know going in that this was a love story, even though I've grown quite attached to the main couple. I'll have to find some fanfic.

I really hope this doesn't result in a bunch of people falling out of the .hack// fandom as a result though. It has the potential to kill it. :(
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Well, I had some time this morning, and since my friends have been pestering me, I watched an episode of Sword Art Online. I wasn't really interested at first, which I'm sure anyone would guess the reason why with my icon being what it is. But hey, .hack//SIGN was my baby. It got me into so much in the anime/gaming world, and I have a ton of good memories associated with it. There are also a lot of copy cat anime out there, and that can get old fast.

But this isn't one.

While I could point out a ton of things that are moment for moment for detail the same, what I liked was that this wasn't some long-gone AI corrupting a world with a mystery people have to solve-- this time it's just one fucking asshole being a dick to an entire gaming society because he can.

It helps that the characters are instantly likable. I was really surprised to see the two main guys become close, without being fanservicey, yet there was a clear vibe between them that I ended up wanting to ship them or see their happy ending in terms of surviving to log out of this game if nothing else. I'm attached. The characters feel realistic.

I'm definitely going to keep up with this one.


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