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My memory is spotty, so this is to the best of my ability to remember!

The long awaited continuation! )

If you read all of that, you are one seriously superhuman freak. XD
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I rode out to the con with [ profile] rei_kun and [ profile] pjade, but I fell asleep halfway there because I had spent too much time up the night before and the night before that making sure my costumes were ready. When we got there, we had a little trouble parking, and there was some running back and forth to get Rei's room and get registered, move things from the car, and lots of confusion...

But by around 2 or 3 I managed to be able to start exploring the con, and that's when I found a Rukia cosplayer. By then I had put on the 'I'm dead' soul chain for my Orihime cosplay, and so she was like "Oh no, that's terrible! Well at least it hasn't corroded away yet! You won't be a hollow for a few more days!" And I laughed because it just sunk in JUST then that without another Orihime cosplayer to connect myself to, I really was 'dead' by Bleach standards. XD Anyways, I wandered around some more, saw a neat Kuukaku at registration, ran into ZakuKitty from as Shuuhei, grabbed a cosplay signup sheet, and eventually found [ profile] thunderemperor. I also found the Orihime barrettes in the dealers room and got those too, because it would complete my costume! *_* Somewhere in all that I had run into [ profile] oubandgeekrjl too! We also met a really cool Ishida cosplayer and hung out together.

I decided at that point that I wanted to wear Kira to the concert, so Nick and Ishida and I ran to the room and I changed. I should note that the Orihime costume makes me stupid, because I was so scatterbrained. I'd miss things in the middle of conversation, nearly trip down the stairs, or completely not see things right in front of me. I was trying to find the Ichigo wristband in my bag to lend to Nick, and couldn't find it. So Nick gets the brilliant idea to root around in my bag to help, and accidentally poked through things he shouldn't have. -_- Jokes flew, I hit him, Ishida said something, and I flusteredly turned around and shouted 'You shutup! You're next!', only realize as the words left my mouth that I didn't imply what exactly he was next for (I meant a punching, the guys obviously had their minds in the gutter. -_-;) *facepalms* It was hilarious though, so I forgive them. Barely. >_> Then we ran to get food as fast as we could because the concert lineup was already starting, but we were hungry. Ishida ran off to do something else, since he wasn't going to the concert. So we got hotdogs down the street (How can you eat five of those?! @_@ I only had one T_T) and on the way back we realized I left my badge in the room when I was changing. ;_; So we went to the room and grabbed the badge, and raced back to the line which was at this point wound AROUND the third floor, and down to the second! I hear that it actually went around a few more times, but I couldn't see from where I was. <-- I'm pretty sure that's the line.

We waited in line for a long time, and I had to protect my desert from hungry congoers who wanted to steal it from me. T_T Then [ profile] leochan found us! She still didn't know I was the 'surprise' Nick had planned, and so when she got there, Laura darted down the hall and tackle glomped me! XD It was funny. It kinda hurt though because I had put my MP3 player in my bindings, and I was going to try to get a recording of the concert for Mel. T_T (That didn't work by the way. Batteries died. I did manage to record the panel, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared of the disk ;o;) So anyways, Laura hung with us a bit, and we also talked with some cool people next to us. One was a voice actor, and I don't remember his last name, but his first name was Clint. He's really cool. I think he has a band as well. He's also a Detective Conan fan! I figured this out while explaining how I spent a week throwing clues at Laura about what her surprise was. XD Anyways, Laura ran off as the line started to move, and when we finally got inside, they had opened up the Main Programming room to it's full capacity. You know how those rooms often have the stage at one end, and in the center of the room is the technician's table and cameras so they can see the stage well? We got seated to the left of that, so not quite halfway back, but almost. We asked if we could move closer to the center though, as those seats hadn't filled yet, and they said yes! AWESOME! *_* We sat next to Clint and his girlfriend, and she showed us her artwork while we waited for the show to start. She has the COOLEST artwork! It's sort of in the style of Drakenguard, but a mix of Tales style too. She had mostly her own characters because she draws a comic, but she also had Tales of the Abyss fanart! I knew I recognized Luke right away! And she drew Guy too. XD I wish at that moment that [ profile] togabitoion could have been there, but she gave Nick her card so we can mail her later.

Soon the show started, and we had to sit through some announcements from the voice actor guests. It was ok I guess, but a lot of the humor went over my head since I only know a few dubs. Then Kumiko Kato came on stage. She's so cute! Her show was very 80's, and Nick said she reminds him of Fllay. XD I think it was the lights shining on her hair making it look red, but then her fashion sense seemed sorta close too. I liked her music, and I wanted to get a CD, but later on I never could find the table where they were selling it. Anwyays! Then they announced High and Mighty Color! *_*

It took a while, because the band was getting ready, but in the meantime the crowd was cheering and screaming and chanting 'High and Mighty Color!'! It was awesome. Then they came out and announced themselves and started up the concert. OMG. It was wild, and everyone stood the whole time. Kinda different from Kumiko's concert and I feel sorry for her, but they were just SO much more energetic. I sang to what I could, but really the only song I knew ALL the lyrics to was Ichirin no Hana. In fact, it seemed that way for a lot of the crowd, because when they played that song last, everyone went nuts and it felt like the entire audience was singing along. I hope the band felt our enthusiasm because this was their first time in America, yet we all felt like they had been popular for a long time. When it ended, there was an encore, and they played Pride again. I like that song, but I'm still not into Gundam Seed Destiny. T_T After that, the band thanked the crowd and let them move forward so they could take a picture OF the crowd with the band. That was so cool! At first, I didn't try to go forward because in the sea of people and I was halfway back, it was kind of scary. But it seemed they were still taking shots, so I scooted forward and at that point they started shaking people's hands! I almost got up there. ;_; It's ok though. Because although I missed that, Saturday's report will show what was much cooler. ^_^;;

When the concert let out? @_@ Look at this crowd:

After the concert, we all felt pretty hoarse from all that screaming. I can't imagine what Yusuke felt like if we screamed ourselves hoarse and he was up there screaming all of his songs. @_@; One song they didn't play was Days, though, and I'm sad for that. It makes sense because it was a high energy concert, and it's a slow and sad song. But Days is my favorite for Maki's voice. Anyways, we went back up to the room so I could pack up my things so they wouldn't get left in Rei's room, and at the elevator we met some more Bleach cosplayers! I saw an Orihime and a Tatsuki, and a Soifon and an Urahara, and a few Ichigos... earlier I had seen a Renji too. One girl, named Jenny, asked me to sign her pants as Kira, since I was dressed as him. She had tons of signatures from everyone she met. She said she'd be Rangiku the next day, but I wasn't sure what I was going to wear! I wanted to wear Orihime so I could use the chain and hilarity might ensue, at the Bleach gathering. As it turns out, I ended up wearing Renji to that, but we'll get to that later. Many elevators later, we finally made it up to Rei's room. (they were pretty crowded and we had to split up sometimes, I can't remember which trips though.) So I got my stuff packed up and we went to Nick's house, planning to come back for the dance. We didn't though, instead running to Walmart and picking up things for the next day's cosplay! I got my grey pants for Renji's school uniform, and a brush for my wigs. We got some hairspray for Nick's Ichigo wig, and while we wanted to style it when we got home, that didn't work out since we were both so tired. We got McDonalds and went back to watch some X TV series, so I could learn what Nick's talking about when he talks about Subaru. Turns out I fell asleep sitting up on and off for most of the episodes, so I went to bed. T_T (Speaking of. The guest room is cuuute! His mom has a ton of dolls and it's like an old fashioned girl's room. *_*)

And that's Friday! I'll write about Saturday later! @_@


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