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Sharing this here for my friend! :D

Originally posted by [ profile] runegrey at New MUSH - Dream Chasers
Hello folks!  Been a while, but I know a few of you still look at Livejournal from time to time.  A few friends and I are opening a new online text RP game called Dream Chasers, which is an blended theme game featuring Xenogears, Wild Arms, and Lunar.  We've a wordpress page where we're posting out developer diaries about the game, which will lead up to the game opening for guests in just under a month.  Please swing by to read if you are interested.

I used to RP frequently on MUSHes (Multi User Shared Hallucination) and MUCKs (Multi User Created Kingdom or something like that). It's basically like an IRC chat room but it's coded that lets you type commands in to 'enter' other rooms, so in effect it's a text based virtual reality and helps spread out and break up real-time writing based RP. They are a LOT of fun, and the people running this new project are very experienced in putting this kind of thing together and playing on them.

I gave it up due to a lack of time. But this... this really makes me want to give it another shot.
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I went back to my old icon journal and realized someone had commented on my Garsiv icon set from the Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie. Now I'm watching that movie again and making new icons lol. I'll upload what I have done today and then work on more later.

I forgot how damn much I love that movie and the characters and actors in it. a;sljghasf And I love family shit and fantasy stories.

Last night I made some low carb hamburger bun bread with Wio flour. It's pretty much regular flour with an enzyme blocker in it, but it's more absorbent than regular flour in my experience, so the first time I made it I had trouble with dry dough. This time, I added WAAAAY too much, and it got stuck on EVERYTHING, omg. It was pretty messy and annoying to deal with, and baking bread is a trip - I have a long way to go to get good at it.

Regardless, it came out okay and maybe it helped that I over-cooked it a bit to compensate. They're all lopsided buns, but they taste good. Tonight is BBQ sandwich night with [personal profile] insidious.

I have been playing catch-up with my games since I have time to now, and only a few things to sew between now and Ikkicon/Christmas. (just a briefcase cover for Leorio and some bows for my roommate's niece) I started up Ys I (Chronicles version) on Steam on my work computer (because it's slow here sometimes and I'm allowed), and I've made it all the way to Zeiss in Trails in the Sky at home. The reason I was up so late finishing the bread is because I got distracted playing that, and RPing. I have a growing urge to RP Kloe in my sandbox, among all the other plot threads I have going on. Sometimes I wish it was as easy to write fic (and with random crossovers for that matter) as it was to do world crossovers in roleplay. There is not enough time in the day for all the muses I want to unleash.
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Well this is a spontaneous update. I wanna ramble on about something though, and don't really have anyone to listen.

I started watching Death Parade, and it's really interesting! At first I found it upsetting. The premise is that after people die, they are sent to this bar called Quindecim, where arbiters decide upon who will be reincarnated, or who will be sent to the void/hell. The more I watch it though, the more psychological it gets, breaking down people's motivations and what makes one human, the emotions that drive us, etc. It's just... really, really fascinating.

I haven't been able to hate a single character. More often than not it makes me want to cry. I'm a little sentimental, though. ;;;

And the characters driving the decisions are complicated too, even though they were meant to have no emotion. I'm on episode 9, and I have to get to a doctor's appointment, but it's a cliffhanger and so that means I've got to wait until tomorrow. Augh.

But I have RP to write with my roommate tonight. That's generally how I spend my evenings. As much as I've tried to play in public games, I can't seem to stick with it when I have only a couple of people I can write consistently with and not have all my ideas dry up.

Thus the Dilandau icon rather than Decim or Nona or something, haha. I've been writing him and it's a lot of fun.

I guess I had better catch my ride, though. I might have more to say on this show, later.
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I just found my archives of RP from all the MUCKs I joined over the years.

That sure was some quality RP back in the day... lmao )
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I wish I could invent a time machine, lol.

The costume for [personal profile] insidious is half done. Not as far along as I'd like, but I pinned on the velcro last night, and if I'm not exhausted when I get home tonight, I'll sew it on.

Instead, what I did this week was have a mental meltdown over some personal issues, and then maddeningly do some cleaning around the house. Well at least the kitchen is clean now.

And then I learned to make soup last night. I've made various ramens and such before, but never vegetable beef soup/stew. It turned out awesomeeee. *_* Much better than my failed and deflated cupcakes from over the weekend (which at least tasted okay, but I had to bake them twice because they caved in.)

I've been working on writing an app for [community profile] somarium, and yeah, I'm joining a game again. With school ending, I'll finally have all my evenings free again. I didn't realize a couple of people I know play there, too, so it'll be nice to RP with them again. *_*

My game with [personal profile] selphish is also awesome! We also decided to join the LARP at Otakon, and I haven't been this excited about RP in a while now, especially live action RP. :D I picked Hitomi, she picked Nuriko. We already play them in our game (well I plan to write Hitomi, I have written her before), so it's like practice.

Anyway, I have 2 more days to finish the app for Somarium, and then I'll finish marathoning D. Gray-man, since I'm also eyeing another game. I'll wait just a bit to be sure I can balance it all before deciding, but no matter how many times I push the urge away, I want to write from it again and I know my friends have been wanting castmates.

I just wish this math class would be over already. Ughhhh. I'm pretty sure I bombed my last math test, because we had a time limit on it and none of the previous tests did. The final is only an hour and 50 minutes, and the review has 60 questions on it!!! I want to cry. ;_; I mean it's consecutively taken me 3 hours to do 30 questions on all the previous tests!

Nothing I can do but stay up late this week and cram. u_u It's mother's day weekend too, and that means I'll have no time at all on Sunday to accomplish anything, because I have two places to go visit. I love my mom and stepmom, but having such a big family is so time consuming. T____T
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I'm sitting outside the bookstore waiting til the last possible minute to go buy my math book, and online access. I really don't want to know what it's going to cost. e_e I was so giddy over getting my first paycheck I did a little dance, but it's slowly starting to dwindle away.

Last year I bought some manga on yahoo auctions, when I shouldn't have. But it was half the whole set of Twin Signal, in really good condition. I used to just read the copies that my old roommate had, but I needed my own, especially since I really want to try and figure out how to translate it (even if it takes 10 years). But anyway, they sat at the warehouse for months, and of course, when I had another bout of stupid a couple of weeks ago, I blew even more money on a set of Heat Guy J art books that were sold as a set. Those are rare. Doubt my intelligence, but I'd kick myself forever if I let them go considering what they cost individually and how hard they were to find. u_u

So now that I actually have legitimate funds, I've requested shipping. I'm so excited for them to arrive! ;___; And my Wedding Peach CDs are in the warehouse too, and the playbill from the Glass Mask musical. I wish I could have seen that, but I don't even know if/how/where you would get a copy. I'll live vicariously through that little piece of paper.

Speaking of Glass Mask, or rather, acting, I was looking at the LARP list for Otakon yesterday. I haven't done it in years, but if [personal profile] insidious can't go this year, my backup plan for activities is probably to sign up for it, unless they announce a guest I really want to see, and then LARPing takes backseat to that. But man, I miss doing that. It's so much fun. It takes me a good day to get into a role for a character, and shake off my nerves, and I'm sure my acting is atrocious, but I love it. I just usually end up cosplaying with friends instead, because I don't want to do it on my own. But I still haven't decided on who to play. I guess I'll wait and see. Nothing's set in stone.
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I am so exhausted. I think I'm dreaming at night or something because I'm not getting enough sleep. I also had a nightmare the other night, I thought I heard a dog panicking at my bedroom door, scratching and crying at it. The worst part was that was when [personal profile] insidious rolled over on the top bunk and the creaking bedframe startled me out of my sleep. I'm surprised I didn't shout or anything. My heart was racing, though.

Last night I think I just plain out went to bed too late, but it wouldn't make much difference. Besides, I was watching Escaflowne again with [personal profile] selphish. We're brainstorming a game that we can post to in our spare time based on the series, so I'm really excited, and I'm so nostalgic about that show.

Tomorrow I've got the first day of class this semester, and don't have any school supplies yet. I guess I'll pick something up on campus if I can leave work early. I have to talk to my dad about that, cause I don't have my book yet either. Ugh, why did my paycheck have to come so late. If the funds aren't available tomorrow (the check has to clear) I'm just going to wait until this weekend to pick it up. Even though I hate starting the homework late, work has been slow enough lately I can do the problems up there on the computer online to catch up. Thankfully.

I need to write a reply for my sandbox with [personal profile] insidious tonight but I think I'm going to take a bath and see if that helps me focus any better first. Then sleep. z_z Ugh.
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Here is my muselist, most are inactive but I can musebox with you at [community profile] stregas if you want to do a thread or two!

I'll be slow but if you're okay with that, follow the cut! )
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I fell asleep on the couch last night before I could make it up to my room for bed. I intended to go to bed early to make up for what I didn't get sleep-wise the night before. Still no contact from my other job, which is disappointing. I can't say I'm in a particular hurry to finish the work when I can't without some input. It's pretty much at a point now where they need to give a yes or no on the art.

This is why I don't want to do graphic design. I keep thinking I want to, but then I realize that people are fickle, and won't be able to make up their minds on what they want. Not to mention that the work comes and goes by demand, and my skills are not on a level that I feel I can always give what people are looking for. To be honest, I would love a job where I did something like building things with my hands. Whether it be crafting wood or sculpting, but what exists in that market these days? Not to mention, I think if I found something like assembling furniture, they would want me to be a man who could lift 50+lbs. Is there a future for girls anywhere in that kind of career?

I can't help but think daily about what kind of job I would rather have. I'm sure this is normal for everyone, but every single break that I have I am on my phone searching craigslist. I only see myself happy with a job that has flexible hours. I don't care if it pays less as long as it's enough to make ends meet. But until Otakon, I can't afford to switch to something else unless it pays what I'm making now because I've committed to that. My daydreams are of walking out of my office and working at Whataburger for the rest of the summer.

And then I want to ramble excitedly about my RPs and how much of a crossover they have grown into but I have a feeling no one would get them. D. Gray-man + .hack//SIGN and //GU + Hunter x Hunter + Trigun + Code Geass + Escaflowne and Rayearth and Slayers. Maybe I should force myself to start drawing art from them again because I really miss posting that stuff to Deviantart.
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Apologies to my friends list for being so quiet lately. RP and cosplay have pretty much eaten up my spare time. But I can't be quiet about the awesome news. *_____*

For the first time in 2 years, I am below 200 lbs!! I lost 15 pounds since the start of this year!! ;A;

I just can't believe I'm down to 199, really. It keeps slowly dropping, and all I'm doing is walking a little each day and staying away from sweets. Well, eating more veggies too, and [ profile] rei_kun says that really really helps.

Maybe by this time next year if I work hard enough, I'll be able to cosplay Lenalee or Mimiru. *_* I can only hope.
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To drop or not to drop? Suffering burnout? )

If you read through this whole thing, thank you. It's been two weeks coming, but I finally got the guts to realize this is what's bugging me, and what I want to do. I love everyone I RP with though, and whether it's this MU* or that one, I look forward to scening with you all again.

In other news, I'm feeling much better. I don't know what happened. I woke up Saturday morning with a fever and digestive troubles. I got dizzy when I stood up. And it lasted until noon on Sunday. Now I feel fine! WTF? Whatever. I'm just miffed that I wasted two perfectly good sewing days, and now I have to spend tonight cleaning before the maid gets here. I asked dad to delay her, but I don't know if she can reschedule. Anyways, as soon as that's all done, it's back to sewing nonstop. At least I got to watch lots of cool Stargate Atlantis with [ profile] togabitoion to pass the time. That series is really growing on me.

[ profile] selphish! Your wig came in the mail today! It's a bit more neon than I expected, but it's sort of a pink-ish orange! I'll let you decide if you like it when you get here, but I'll try to take some pictures soon. I think I might be able to style it so that we can put a braid in it for normal-Ahiru, but hide the braid under the feathers as Princess Tutu! Maybe I should make the braid detachable or something. I'll mess with it and see what I come up with.

[ profile] thunderemperor, I promise I'll get that jacket done in the next day or two. It's easy, I just need to sit down and do it. T_T

I placed the order for the tutu today, and they will mail me back as to if the rush-order is acceptable or not. If it isn't, I'm going to cry. Hopefully they have it in stock already. If not, it may be time to make an alternate costume. Oh! [ profile] selphish, do you have a Kairi costume? [ profile] thunderemperor said you did, but I didn't know. :O [ profile] togabitoion and I are thinking of grabbing clothes we already have that look like Sora and Riku and totally doing 'Ghetto Kingdom Hearts 1' cosplay. XD Because screw being accurate, we just wanna run around as the trio for a day of goofing off. *_*

Wow, I think this is the longest entry I've made in months! @__________@ Hope I didn't scare anyone with that. ^^;
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*sigh* So bored today. I shoulda slept. z_z Or played .hack//Infection... or something. Anything but staring at my screen all day waiting for someone to talk to.

On the upside, I did make Fina as a puppet on Phoenix. :D Her description )

Anyone want to RP? ._.

crappy day

Oct. 8th, 2002 06:15 pm
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I'm starting to think that when I get angry I start to get dizzy. Or maybe I'm just having a bad day... In any case... I wonder which is more worth it, to go soak in the hot tub, or to attempt to roleplay.... My arm hurts. I think its from when I grabbed the rail to keep from crashing in my skates. I'm sore, and I have a bruise up my leg. I hope today gets better...
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I hate this. I hate getting frustrated, or upset over something, without having a solid reason as to why. I'll get jealous over something, and start to be in a foul mood until I make it known that I -am- jealous, and its that person's fault. Or I'll be upset that things don't go a certain way, and end up moping over it for God only knows how long. I don't know why I start to feel this way, but its driving me insane. There are no valid reasons why I should get upset the way I do, nor does it accomplish anything. All it does is make me pissy, and destroy relationships with other people. I'm sick of it.

Last night I left the roleplay early. I was getting frustrated that some of the poses were consistant, while others were so huge I felt no matter how I responded I could not keep up... or maybe it was just annoing me. In any case, I left early under the excuse that I was tired. I feel really bad for doing that, but... I think if I did try and stay, I'd just brood on it. I don't want to upset people. I don't want to be angry. I don't know -WHY- something as simple as a pose in a roleplay would upset me? What the hell is wrong with me?

*sigh* I just hope no one is mad at me, and I really even more so hope I don't act like this in the future. >_< It's freakin annoying! @_#%(*&#$


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