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It was super foggy today. Like... Silent Hill foggy. So I had to get some pictures.

By the time I got out of class, it was brighter, but I realized the flowers I took a picture of last time also got bigger, so I went back and got some more pictures. The one I took of the whole plant came out with a shadow so I threw it out, but I got one of a few bugs on the petals! Then I ran off because one of them was a bee. c_c

Big pics under cut )

I have a test this Friday. Augh. I'm pretty sure I get everything, but... today's lesson made my head hurt.
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I'm... really amateur at this. But I sort of figured out how to force my camera to focus where I want it to. When I took the doll photos, it would auto focus on the closest point to the camera. But if I hold the button down and let it focus at a certain depth, I can steer the camera before I let go, and force it to keep that distance. I took a handful of pictures this morning but these three are the only ones I Like. And I still see tons of problems with them.

Oh well, maybe I'll get a little better the next time. )
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Okay, so yesterday, I was going to meet up with [personal profile] insidious at her work, but I ended up not having enough bus money. My plan to get cash from my debit card failed when all the areas around my work had a policy of not withdrawing less than $20 (I had $6 in my account -_-). So, I walked. 7 miles, in roughly 2 and a half hours, but it was 3 because I made a stop along the way. I actually rested at a recreation center, but when I got to 121, I found a pleasant and nostalgic surprise.

Texas' historical Garvin Memorial Cemetery

See, a few years ago, back when I was still best friends with [ profile] togabitoion, she made frequent trips to locate historical markers. I sometimes accompanied her, maybe not as much as I could have. This was one of the locations we went to. It's strangely tucked in between two neighborhoods, on a narrow strip of land between trees and covered in weeds that no one has built houses on because of the graves.

Most of the headstones are destroyed. It's hard to find. You wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it, or driving in the direction that the road sign points briefly down the path to say there is a historical marker there. It's kind of sad that no one really keeps up with those things these days, because it shows. Fortunately, there seems to be video surveillance, or at least a sign proclaims so. But the land is for sale, leaving me wondering what will happen to it in the future. There was a domain I found on google for a website about the graveyard, and when I clicked on it, the webpage had expired.

But anyway, I took some pictures. I took many. First of the entire area, then the historical marker, and then I walked around and found a few unique headstones that I wanted to get a picture of to show my dad, just because he loves Texas history, and there were Confederate soldiers buried there. Maybe I was just nostalgic for what I didn't realize I'd miss until it was gone. I kind of liked those road trips to old places to learn about the past with her, but I never really made the time.

I was going to upload them today, but half of them weren't on my phone when I opened the folder. I don't know if that was me being careless, but I remember it saving it to the little corner of the screen when I took them. I had half a battery, too. I'm not one to put something past it being something a little bit supernatural, but I just don't know what happened. I guess I'll just chalk it up to Garvin being camera shy.

But here you go )

Oh, and by the time I made it to that side of town, [personal profile] insidious got out early and picked me up 20 minutes from my destination. Lol. But it was a nice workout. I realized I can walk about a mile in roughly 30 minutes if I apply myself.
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Still don't have a way to transfer my photos from this Animefest to my computer yet...

But in the meantime, as I was sorting through old photos of years past, I realized just how many I never uploaded or sent to friends. So in that case, I propose a little meme.

If I ever took your picture but didn't send it to you, chances are it's still on my hard-drive somewhere. Ask me for it, and I'll go digging. Be sure to tell me where you want them emailed to!


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