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I went to the meet and it was a lot of fun! I rode with my friend Jhericca who took Bree and Stephanie with us, too. We all helped set up, and it went really quickly and the venue was nice for being a rental space tied to a medical center. I wish I had taken more pictures, but they did have a photographer there so I got a few of my coord thanks to him.

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This past Monday I started working on patterning [personal profile] insidious's Campanella suit (Ao no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky). This is a tracing off of her Leorio suit, so there are extra seams, and I'm starting to change what lines up where. I'm still unhappy with it so tonight I'm going to re-trace it onto more scrap fabric and try drafting a 2nd take.

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I really gotta crack down on myself and work at getting some stuff done this week. We'll be going to the fabric store saturday and I'll pick up my fabric for Bleublanc.

Last night [ profile] togabitoion and I went to Dave and Busters to play DDR! We got sidetracked by a lot of other games though, lol. She was an ace at Time Crisis when we used to go to the arcade, and Time Crisis 5 was out, so she had to play. It had a new mechanism for ducking left or right, though, and I caught this shot at an unfortunate moment. XD

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DDR has worn me out, but I just need to caffinate tonight and carry on.

I'm sad my guild/clan in SMT:Imagine has dropped down to 3 people. We had 5 at one point. I try to be on whenever I can! If you see me or Ue around, come join us!

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I'm bad at doing these posts on time. But better late than never!

I spent New Years at Ikkicon, and while the con itself sucked, I enjoyed my time thanks to my friends! I'll have a con report later this week!

Today I've been getting back into the swing of things at work, but all that's on my mind is finishing up my coord for the Metroplex Lolitas New Years Extravaganza. It's generally the one meet I go to every year, though I've been making it to at least a Christmas one, too. I guess if I had a goal this year it's to go to more than that, which means dedicating myself to finding more stuff to wear!

My budget's no tighter than it has been, but I think I have a slightly better eye than I used to for what to get that isn't ita. It's still frustrating looking for things that are both in my size, and don't make me instantly say "But I don't like/won't wear that".

I won this JSK on lacemarket over the holidays though, and it fits! (if only barely, thanks holiday foods...)

I went shopping with [ profile] togabitoion yesterday and found some jewelry and a purse I can use. I'll probably replace the purse but it's workable because it's a nice grey color without looking tacky. I'd like to ideally make one to match the dress itself.

Then today, with the last of my money after bills, I got these on Ebay and Etsy!

I really really hope they both make it here before the party. But if not, I'll figure something out. :/ For now it's a waiting game.

That's about all that's going on right now besides cleaning up the mess in my apartment. I started re-watching Houshin Engi/Soul Hunter last night just because I'm putting Taikoubou in one of my RPs and needed to review. I'll let it play more while I get stuff done tonight. I love that anime but the pacing suffered so badly. T_T
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I went to the Christmas shopping meetup of my local Lolita community last saturday, and it was fun! I really am unhappy with how I looked, but the important thing was we all had a good time. We met at cosplay n charm, and then went for dim sum, then went to a bakery and the local Korean market! I got some cute things for my roommate as thanks for dropping me off, and broke my low carb diet for the occasion. I'm trying to be good now, though.

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I'm totally getting a wig soon because my hair is just not volumous enough for Lolita. I'm only disappointed that I can't wear both a wig and a hat. My head is too big. :( There's a lot I wanna improve on this outfit but it'll come in time. I just won a beautiful silver chiffon JSK (my first one!) and I'm excited to get things together for it by the January New Years meetup!

But for now, I gotta focus. There's a lot still to get done before Christmas and Ikkicon, despite me not having any new costumes to make. There's repairs on Decus for [personal profile] insidious, washing Phinks's wig, making the cover to Leorio's briefcase, and finishing getting the gifts for my family ready for Christmas!

AND I'm in a fandom icon exchange, which I'm almost done with but I wanted to make one extra icon for good measure. Guh if I can just find the time. I still owe Christmas cards to a few people, too. This time of year always kicks my ass into gear being creative but I also overstretch myself. I've got so many ideas and things that built up while I was sewing cosplay all year instead, though.

I've been playing a bit of .hack//Fragment in offline mode while I get the hang of it. My computer severely lags, but I really want to join the few online players that are still around. I got a new controller (it had to be analog to work correctly, the bluetooth one I had to return), and I'm going to save up next month to get a new laptop. It may take me until March to afford it though. Guh.

And once January rolls around I've really got to start working on our A-kon cosplays.

It's 5 though, so I gotta go. I'll update more later!


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