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So yesterday I applied at Aldi and it went okay I guess. Got there 20 minutes before the line opened, and there were already about that many people there. By the time the line started moving, I was halfway through filling out my application and the line was out the door. Got it turned in at 12:20, which is 10 minutes until my lunch was up, so we had to speed back to my office and I was 3 minutes late. :( But they never knew. I said I went to lunch with my grandma, which was true...

Anyway, it was disappointing to see that all they were doing was asking you if you could lift 45 lbs, be there between 5AM and 11PM, and had a high school diploma and adequate transportation to work. I said yes to all, even though 1. My knees are shot, but I just need to lose weight. Hole in the bucket problem. 2. I take the bus and have no way of getting there that early, but the store doesn't open until 10AM and I applied for cashier, so... weird.

Oh well, if they call me back for an interview, I have no idea how I'm going to get there. Every single fucking time I get an interview, I have to turn it down because I can't get off work. I'm stuck. My parents won't let me quit, my roommate gives me a look like I had better not, because I owe rent and it affects them both, but how the hell do I change jobs if I can't even interview for new ones? I'm going to apply to whataburger this summer no matter what, because it's down the street. I have lived on unemployment wages and I know I can make it on that little, but it's the only way right now that I can possibly see getting to interviews. I don't know what else to do.

Oh yeah, getting that license. Working on that. ._.
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So I've never done this before. Dad says I should apply even though I start a one-month temp job on Monday, because I can still get it if it's not permanent work or doesn't go for long enough.

Is this true?

Does anyone know what I need to do?

My last 4 hours of work are tomorrow morning.
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The last Discovery mission is launching right now.

I just lost my job.

I start a new one on monday, and just got the offer today. It's temp, it's half of what I used to make, but...

I dunno. I just felt like it needed to be posted because it's such a significant change.
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In two weeks my job's probably getting bought out. I mean, they announced the meeting for it to meet the people who will be owning us, so...

I'm pretty sure they won't need another receptionist once they absorb us.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who doesn't drive, but is pretty bus-savvy? In the Dallas area?

Failing that, line up now if you want a costume commission. e_e Won't promise anything yet, but I sure as heck will be taking orders if I end up fired soon.


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