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whee~! @_@ try typing with only three fingers per hand sometime. its an interesting thing. i'm wearing the gloves to kirsten's heartless costume from kingdom hearts n.n

just the shoe covers and the eyes, and it's done! :D
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Tootheache. >.< Not nearly as bad as it was last night, but still, it's back. Made a dentists appointment, but its so far away. Might bump the date up if I can, but it can't interfere with my job.

I want to do a Maleficent costume for Halloween. In all my life, I never did do a halloween costume that wasn't something extremely generic (like an angel or fairy), or an anime costume. There was of course my first costume ever, Raggedy Anne, but that was before I could pick. So for this Halloween, although I may not be the only person doing a Disney costume, I think that for my age and for my past selection of costumes, its something a bit different. And I'll be wearing it to Fright Fest at Six Flags. XD This'll be so much fun. I just hope I can afford the fabric with my paycheck this weekend. And it'll be nice to be able to stand out among the sure to be many Harry Potter costumes. Not that having one would be bad... I just want to be different. >:)

I experimented, and had a soda today, after going more than 24 hours without caffeine. I didn't get shakey. :D So I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. Yay! \(^o^)/


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