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I dreamed...

I was tuxedo kamen.

WTF?!?! o____O
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Last night, I woke up at 4:30, slightly chilled, and yet not afraid. But for one of the first times in my dreams, I remember feeling a lot of what the 'me' in my dreams felt. It was a ghost dream. The last time I had a ghost dream was when I was a very little girl, after I had seen GhostBusters. And that wasn't the same, although I think that was the last time I felt anything close to what I felt in this dream. It was very clear and vivid, except for bits near the end. I didn't write it down at first though, because like most dreams, I didn't give it much thought, realizing that the ones I try to remember are the ones that quickly fade away. Instead, I went to talk to [ profile] togabitoion, who couldn't sleep. I went back to bed around 5, but the dream was still vivid in my memories. So, this time I went to write it down. But it made such an impression on me that I didn't want to just list what happened. I wanted to tell the story as I experienced it. Alas, I'm no good at that sort of thing, and have never really tried. Any fiction I write, I usually have the horrible habit of backspacing and rethinking it so many times that I hardly ever get past the first paragraph, simply because I don't think it looks right on the page. So instead, not wanting to lose this unique dream, I opened notepad, turned off my monitor, and lay back down with my keyboard in my lap. I typed with my eyes closed, and reimagined the scene. I didn't look at it all day, and just now edited it, only for spelling and clarity. I'm quite pleased. I wish I could remember what came after the end of the dream, for I know there was more. But oh well. I wrote more than I usually ever do, and... well, after I finished writing that, at around 5:30, I found that I was a bit spooked for the feeling of the dream returned. Took me another 30 minutes to fall back asleep! @_@ Oh well. ^^ I hope you like. :)

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Well [ profile] disposableninja isn't the only one with wierd dreams. =O Last night, I dreamed I was at a small convention with friends. Only a couple of people I knew were there, and I remember running into [ profile] generalzoisite o.O That's the second time you invaded one of my dreams, what are you doing there? :P Anyways, I was trying to figure out what to wear when there was like this planned jewelry robbery or something. I ended up taking the stuff they were gonna steal, and running off to try and prevent it. I ended up fighting with the theif, and even got to wrestle a gun from their hands XD Yay superhero me... or something! Um... Then somehow it turned into a dungeon crawl adventure game, kinda like in Zelda or Ys. Anyways I was exploring through it, but was too afraid to try too many of the hallways to see if there were treasures in them because there were scary lions and tirgers and stuff (Oh my! =O) Then I decided I'd skip right to the boss battle then. So I got there, and I was trying to figure out how to beat him cause he seemed like a normal human to me, and heck, I think he was the jewelry theif! I found a ring in there and hoped it was a magic item to help me win or something, but noooo, it was a stupid ring that only worked outside the dungeon, and if I put it on inside, it started to shrink and probably would have crushed my finger or something ._.; Then I woke up. ;_; I wanted to win! :(

P.S. I think I had a mascot friend thing or something, but I don't remember what it looked like. I just remember it was there, and it annoyed me that it couldn't help out much. c_c
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Your muck plots keep invading my dreams. @_@

Last night me and a bunch of my friends were on this weird chase thing through a strange building. Or was it some water-ish land? I think it stated that way. We ended up in a building at the end. We jumped out the window in chase, and ended up in a parking lot, where we suddenly had hardsuits, like BGC. Then there were fights and stuff, and suddenly a bar fight broke out across the street. It was too dark to see much of anything though, and even though I tried to help, a car drove by and it's bright lights kept me from seeing anything. When it had passed, the fight was over, but there were all these candies laying in the parking lot c_c; I picked them up and took them back to [ profile] togabitoion who had gone to have dinner with her friends, and she identified them as those candies or whatever from her friend's plot on VideoLand. >_>;;;;; What were they called? Frequency gems? TAKE YOUR STUPID DREAMS BACK! ;o;
Meh.. Least I didn't have a nightmare. ^_^;; It was kinda an interesting dream, but why do I keep dreaming stuff that belongs to other people? o_O;;;;;


Aug. 6th, 2003 07:44 am
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Wow... that was wierd.

Some kidna dream about being in this studio type place.... I knew some of the people there, and they were working on some show. It was subtitled and stuff, but to see the subtitles you had to crawl into this tunnl like place and watch. Unfortunately it was kinda hard for me to fit in there. ~.~ Anyways! These ladies asked me to go talk to the other ladiesfor them because they couldn't get inside So I went to talk to them about the script for them. I had to ask them who someone was, I cna't remember who. ANd when I asked them, I guess I somehow ended up speaking on the IC channel on Videoland as Navi. Yeah... TOTAL reality swap right there. Cause at that moment, someone asked something like 'HOW can you figure out who that is just by that?" "Well it's just 1 in (insert some REALLY big number here, like in the thousands) , so they can't be THAT hard to find! Now come on, get looking!" Typical words of Navi. Yeah. I'm sure everyone else facefaulted. And then I hear Claire (who's not a video game character, but an antagonist in Princess Tutu!) join the radio with something about if the person they were looking for was going to be on the radio then SHE had to be on it as well, because when they were found it would be just for her. >_>;;; Riiight None of this really made SENSE and the way I worded it isn't exactly right, but... that's honestly the closest I can come to making it work.

And... I had woken up at around 6 this morning. I fell back asleep around 7:20. Either I dreamed all that just NOW, or the sleep was enough to jog my memory of other things last night. c_c;; Ooood....
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Last night I had another wierd dream. I think that in no way we can blame the couch for it anymore. It's just me ^^;

I always forget important peices that tie the dream together though. T_T I just remember a lot of traveling, and at one point ending up in some dormitory of sorts, where I had a bunch of new roomates that for some reason ended up being people from PhoenixMUCK. No one that I knew, but that was odd... I had a few misadventures with the people in this place, but I honestly can't remember what happened.

I also seem to remember two characters interacting with each other in my dream, and this part had nothing at all to do with the other part. In fact, it was the first thing I remembered when I woke up. It was Mythos from Princess Tutu, as his not so nice self as it's been lately, talking to Joshua of Chrno Crusade. It seems they were plotting something not good. >_>; Bargaining something about wings or something... Kowai...


Aug. 1st, 2003 07:44 am
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I finally left the Samurai Ronin community... for some reason it was getting on my nerves.... perhaps all those posts irrelevant to Samurai Troopers? Naaaah, couldn't be! Then again, I'm too nice to bring it up to them, so I just quietly left. Cause no one else seems to mind. But it really does annoy me how the new members are posting to it like it's their own journal, just rambling on about stuff that we could or couldn't care less about. Meh.

And... I can't remember what happened, but Ahiru was in my dream last night c_c And so was Chii. *STABS!* ...but I do think that Ahiru actually got some part in a dance that she wanted. o_o; Can't remember x_x

I think I figured out what was wrong with my AIM settings, so [ profile] mippa, if you want to try sending episodes while I'm gone, both direct connect and file sharing should be open to those on my buddy list now.
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Last night I had more strange dreams...

Including but not limited to...
A convention and getting lost, but being helped out by an Aerith cosplayer o_O, being in a bunch of video games, including Mario and Sonic c_c, and getting to see The World from Tsukasa's point of view, although that only lasted 5 minutes. @_@ All the dreams are pretty blurry or I'd write more, but... Am I on crack lately? I never dream this much!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shadrad!

In other news... c_c Ne, [ profile] togabitoin... I dreamed that me and a bunch of people went on an adventure... and found the sunken city of Ys >_> Curse you for telling me it's origins! >_
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Weiiiird dreams c_c Don't remember much, but...

Things in the dream include... a search through a snowy mountain to retrieve donuts, whereupon at some point in the dream, Lavie(or me cause it seemed from that point of view, but I can't tell o_O) got upset because the people with the donuts had a picture of Claus and she didn't. >_>; Shut up Lavie.

Later, there was swimming through rapids, and this giant snake swam by @_@; I remember I was like EEP! Yaminokun! c_c; Someone please make me stop having dreams like this. c_c

Then I remember something about finding a magic ring while we went through those rapids, and learning where it came from was, it belonged to some guy who died in a duel/swordfight... where some kid got framed for stabbing him instead c_C WHAT THE HELL?

Maybe I shouldn't sleep on the couch tomorrow? Or maybe I should. o_O They aren't scary dreams, theyr'e just... odd.

Not to mention that the night before, I dreamed that Suikoden characters were discussing the war in Iraq when gunshots (IRL) woke me up @_@;;;;

Yeah... freaky.
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Last night I dreamed about Last Exile. @_@;

But it was wierd. I dreamed about finding info for it in early Newtype issues, like, before the series aired. c_c For one, I remember I got to see what Al's hair looks like if she takes those bun thingies off in one of the pictures. ^^; The other thing was that I found a poster as one of the freebies in the magazine. It had Alex on it. Now I'm gonna cry cause it's not real! ;__; Oyeah, and then I seem to remember that he like... shot someone. But that part of the dream seems detached from all the rest. .... I have no clue. @_@

At least it wasn't like the night before last when I dreamed we had to go save England. c_c There you go, [ profile] limeybrit. :P
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I swear... this must have been from all the sugar last night, plus the super funny concert and costumes that [ profile] togabitoion's dad's choir put on! XD

Weird .hack//SIGN and highschool/college dreams! )




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