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I said I'd post more, I even went and friended a bunch of people, and then vanished. The truth is, I hit internet burnout pretty bad. I couldn't convince myself I hadn't, that I'd be back the next day or so. Before I knew it, a month had gone by. x_x IDK if it's depression or anxiety or what, but I didn't even touch my MMOs, and haven't gone back yet. I want to. I will. x_x Just need to find the time. Work has also been rough.

Anyway, I should update on some things here.

I recently went to Mini A-kon, and got a few pics. My roommate really got me into the Persona 4 anime, so we went as Yuu (her) and Yousuke (me).

Persona! )

I was really excited to see some other cosplayers from fandoms I like. I've seen that Machi around before, they're cool! And while I haven't played any of the Persona games, I recognized the outfit the other guy had on and that was cool.

Aselia-con is coming up this next weekend, and I'm really excited for it! I don't really have anything new except for a scrapped together cosplay of Anise in her 'Not a Kid' costume, but I'm bringing back Brute from Dawn of the New World, and Leia from Xillia. I had to take in Leia's belt, and Brute needed some repairs, and tonight I still need to add lace to the top I got for Anise, it's just something I got on Amazon that works pretty well for it.

I've actually been sewing wefts into [personal profile] insidious's Machi wig for A-kon. I really have to get off my ass in the coming days and bust out as much work as I can get done on everything. I have 2 suits to make, a coat and cape for myself, 3 wigs to style, 4 if you count my own but I'm not sure entirely how much it needs it, and a track suit and some baggy simple garments. I'm not all alone in this. [personal profile] insidious is going to be sewing anything she can, but I have to get it to a point where we can collaborate, and that means actually starting. Guh. I'm a lazy ass.

I'll write more later, but that's what's been up! If you're going to Aseliacon, see you there!
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I went to the meet and it was a lot of fun! I rode with my friend Jhericca who took Bree and Stephanie with us, too. We all helped set up, and it went really quickly and the venue was nice for being a rental space tied to a medical center. I wish I had taken more pictures, but they did have a photographer there so I got a few of my coord thanks to him.

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This past Monday I started working on patterning [personal profile] insidious's Campanella suit (Ao no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky). This is a tracing off of her Leorio suit, so there are extra seams, and I'm starting to change what lines up where. I'm still unhappy with it so tonight I'm going to re-trace it onto more scrap fabric and try drafting a 2nd take.

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I really gotta crack down on myself and work at getting some stuff done this week. We'll be going to the fabric store saturday and I'll pick up my fabric for Bleublanc.

Last night [ profile] togabitoion and I went to Dave and Busters to play DDR! We got sidetracked by a lot of other games though, lol. She was an ace at Time Crisis when we used to go to the arcade, and Time Crisis 5 was out, so she had to play. It had a new mechanism for ducking left or right, though, and I caught this shot at an unfortunate moment. XD

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DDR has worn me out, but I just need to caffinate tonight and carry on.

I'm sad my guild/clan in SMT:Imagine has dropped down to 3 people. We had 5 at one point. I try to be on whenever I can! If you see me or Ue around, come join us!

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I got super sick over Christmas, though not enough to ruin it. I just really was afraid I was going to end up with strep. THANKFULLY it was just a bad sinus infection/ear infection, and once I started meds on Monday night, I immediately already started feeling better. I stayed home all day yesterday and just slept. I wanted to play some games, but I was good and didn't. And then I got up in the evening and started working on [personal profile] insidious's briefcase for Leorio.

Leorio's briefcase )

It came out great for doing it in one night. It smells like E6000 though and I'm hoping one day is enough for it to solidify and air out in the garage. @_@ If not, our car ride is going to be awfulllll. Ugh.

I'm trying to get my head back into doing things and keeping up with stuff. I've got LJ here, the games I want to play, the holidays (thankfully over now), but still some cards I am late on mailing out that I still have to draw, and a con to prepare for. Once Ikkicon is over, I wanna say I'll have some downtime. But I do want to get a head start on A-kon cosplays. So I guess the plan will be to A: take my sewing machine in for repairs, and B: clean house while it's gone, and C: relax and play some video games until I can get started on cosplays again. Then I'll be posting regular sewing updates.

I got my character on the private Chinese Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine server up to level 23 over the last week, though! Check him out!

Can you tell I like .hack//? )

If you want to play too, check out this forum post!
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I went to the Christmas shopping meetup of my local Lolita community last saturday, and it was fun! I really am unhappy with how I looked, but the important thing was we all had a good time. We met at cosplay n charm, and then went for dim sum, then went to a bakery and the local Korean market! I got some cute things for my roommate as thanks for dropping me off, and broke my low carb diet for the occasion. I'm trying to be good now, though.

Pictures below the cut )

I'm totally getting a wig soon because my hair is just not volumous enough for Lolita. I'm only disappointed that I can't wear both a wig and a hat. My head is too big. :( There's a lot I wanna improve on this outfit but it'll come in time. I just won a beautiful silver chiffon JSK (my first one!) and I'm excited to get things together for it by the January New Years meetup!

But for now, I gotta focus. There's a lot still to get done before Christmas and Ikkicon, despite me not having any new costumes to make. There's repairs on Decus for [personal profile] insidious, washing Phinks's wig, making the cover to Leorio's briefcase, and finishing getting the gifts for my family ready for Christmas!

AND I'm in a fandom icon exchange, which I'm almost done with but I wanted to make one extra icon for good measure. Guh if I can just find the time. I still owe Christmas cards to a few people, too. This time of year always kicks my ass into gear being creative but I also overstretch myself. I've got so many ideas and things that built up while I was sewing cosplay all year instead, though.

I've been playing a bit of .hack//Fragment in offline mode while I get the hang of it. My computer severely lags, but I really want to join the few online players that are still around. I got a new controller (it had to be analog to work correctly, the bluetooth one I had to return), and I'm going to save up next month to get a new laptop. It may take me until March to afford it though. Guh.

And once January rolls around I've really got to start working on our A-kon cosplays.

It's 5 though, so I gotta go. I'll update more later!
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I took a break from facebook and I still don't want to go back. I know any social media is likely to depress me, but I still want an outlet of some kind.

I've had a week off with no sewing whatsover, and it's been great. Enough to recharge and feel the itch to make something new, though. Maybe this time I can prevent myself from burying myself in too much to do, because then I get overwhelmed and have no creativity at all.

[personal profile] insidious has been playing .hack//GU and since I've never played them, it's so much fun to finally know the story outside of the ROOTS anime. I feel so bad for Haseo though, everyone uses him. I actually grew to like pretty much everyone in this game though (Even Atoli I don't hate anymore), but Ovan is still a butt. :|

I'm not sure when, but I plan to cosplay both Zelkova and Silabus. I have a weird OTP of Silabus x Haseo too lolol.

Anime North Texas is in a week, and we just got back from Nebraskon from last weekend (which was also a lot of fun). I've got to start sewing Kortopi (Hunter x Hunter) this weekend because I'll be wearing that while [personal profile] insidious borrows Feitan. I'm also bringing Kurapika and possibly Spanner (Hitman Reborn).

Also, I saw Dr. Strange with [ profile] togabitoion and [ profile] runegrey and it was a heck of a lot better than I ever thought it would be. I really enjoyed it!!

Other than that, I've kept my mind occupied with playing Sailor Moon Drops. That game is addicting.
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I never had time to make the dress I wanted to for the meetup. :( I'm disappointed to be wearing the same dress I wore last year. But I'll try to change it up a bit with accessories at least, and maybe I'll have my dress done by the new years meet. :/ I'd considered not going today, but I'd been looking forward to it for months and I still should get to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping.

Then there's my cosplays. As usual, I should have started sooner, but it's only been in the past month that I've felt enough energy to do anything. So here's hoping I can catch up by next week. X_x I'll have an update later tonight about things.
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So for Ikkicon this January, my roommate [personal profile] insidious and I are going to be Xellos and Lina Inverse, from Slayers! I started her costume last week. Mine, I did start a few weeks back, but life has gotten in the way and so I didn't get as far as I wanted. But I did do a significant amount on Saturday, at least.

pics! )

The sleeves aren't hemmed in that pic, but I did that Sunday morning. I was going to hem the pants, but a lot of things came up and stressed me out, so no more progress yet... But I intend to catch up tonight. The pattern for the cape is already cut out, the hemline on the pants are marked, and I can get started as soon as I get home.

Also, I need to finish the EGL skirt I was working on. @_@ The Lolita meetup is this Saturday and I still have nothing to wear. I miiight be pulling an all-nighter tonight. x_x
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Alright, I haven't done one of these in forever, but I feel like writing this one up.

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I'll write up part 2 soon! This is way more than enough for one post!
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So my sewing machine came in on Friday after I sat at the office all day waiting for it. What an annoying situation I put myself in. I paid for expedited shipping, but it wasn't shipped until Tuesday, so it got caught in the 4th of July mail backup. But I did get it, and it's a beautiful sewing machine. My wallet is hurting because of it, but I have a very nice machine that won't crap out on me in the future which is a good investment.

Now I can't eat out AT ALL for a month until Otakon. I'll be good. @___@

[personal profile] insidious and I went to the baseball game on Sunday. It was the one game the Rangers won, so we lucked out! It was really hot though, and I wish I had remembered sun screen. In any case, I'm glad we went. I had a ton of fun and I hope she did too.

I've been in this slump of not wanting to do anything all week. I know it's depression or something, but I started taking my vitamins every day for a week now and at the very least, with the exception of an argument on Saturday I feel like at least my temperament has become better. Now if I could just get myself doing things again.

Since I finished all the episodes of everything I've been watching on Netflix, I turned to the internet for help because I know they won't put everything up on that service. Which is kind of defeating the purpose of paying for episodes on demand, isn't it? I found a bunch of stuff though, such as My Cat From Hell, Ghost Hunters, Hoarders, and Pawn Stars. I actually like reality TV if I feel that it is educational. I can't stand the stuff that's just people bickering and being stupid.

Every. Single. Time. that I watch hoarders, I get this mad drive to clean my house. I didn't really do much this weekend, but I did put my sewing away before I went to bed Suday. I know leaving it out drives [personal profile] insidious up the wall. I think a lot of my stuff is driving her up the wall, so I got a bunch of plastic organizers thanks to my dad helping, and they should ship to my house this week. I can't just hold out and try to get nicer looking shelves. It's not going to get things organized any faster. My fabric needs a place to go that isn't piled in boxes that I dig through whenever I need something and just make new messes. They don't stack at all, either, so it takes up too much space. My notions and threads can stay in the box but that can go on the big storage shelf too. And all the random crap on my desk can either get put in the plastic drawers or sorted out to be donated or trashed.

I am so sick of moving things around in circles looking for a place for them to go. I can't imagine how someone else feels.

And I'm really excited for next weekend when [personal profile] rubyredrose and Gypsy come over and we hit Ikea for a bookshelf. Just... if I can get my room spotless, then maybe, just maybe, if I can keep it clean for a few months to prove to myself that I can be organized, I'll get a dog again and it will be safe in my room for it and the cat.
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So I got a hormone test yesterday, now to just wait for the results. Completely forgot to ask about my arm or my sleep apnea, though. I felt rushed. After these test results come in I am definitely looking into getting a new doctor. Still typing with one hand to let my arm rest.

I watched more Merlin yesterday. At first I thought it was too campy, but it really grew on me. I find even the king an interesting and complicated character. Then [personal profile] insidious and I watched 5 eps of season 8 of Superatural. I'm almost caught up. That show has put me through a rollercoaster of emotions, and not all of them good. But I guess half of that is my mood issues, because as time passes I keep ending up looking back and appreciating the story. I think I am a bit too emotional over decisions the characters make.

I really liked Season 7, though. Even if it pissed me off at one point. X)

Now I just hope that my sewing stuff arrives at work in time. I paid extra to have the sewing machine expedited, and it SHOULD be here tomorrow. So if I'm lucky then I can spend my 4 day weekend working on cosplay. I started my hakama for Tomoe Tachibana from Trauma Team. Then the machine died, and my backup machine shortly after. One is waiting on a part, but I figured I had a better chance of finishing it on time if I just bought a new one. I have such bad luck with them that I keep a few around for emergencies. u_u

I need to play that game. I'm cosplaying from it for [personal profile] insidious, but she writes CRS-01 and I like him, so it will probably be fun.
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So much of this day went by before I knew it. DX I woke up late, almost at lunch, but then [personal profile] insidious and I went to Ihop for breakfast/lunch. Then she was nice enough to drive me by Joannes, so I got fabric to line Miaka, which I still haven't started on yet. Maybe I will crack down tonight and sew.

I've been distracted playing Tales of Phantasia instead. I've made it to getting Sylph, and managed to do some of the side-quests earlier than I knew was possible (like hooking up Elwin and Nancy by walking all the way across the map just to get it done lol).

I FINALLY have started drawing again, too. Most of it's up on my deviantart (, but I haven't finished the picture I drew of Chester's little sister yet. I got some really nice manga pens to ink with and maybe, just maybe, I'm over this two-year art slump. I really hope so...
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I went to my grandma's tonight, and saw my family on my mom's side. It was a lot of fun! I'm exhausted, but it was good to see everyone. I managed not to doze off while I was over there, either, because I've only had a few hours of sleep last night with getting ready for A-kon.

I've nearly finished [personal profile] insidious costume, it just needs some more trim and an arm-band and little decorative thingies on the shoulders. I could probably finish those in a few hours, but I'm tired and debating forcing myself to get back to work, or lay down for a bit.

Yesterday I hung out with [personal profile] rubyredrose and [personal profile] ot_atma and they took me to lunch! We had some really deep conversations for which I am grateful, because they always have good advice and are great listeners. I never come home feeling bad after hanging out with them. :) Thanks, you guys! And good luck assembling your shelf, Katie!

I got a pretty good haul at my birthday party tonight, though. Mom had taken me shoe shopping the week before, and I picked out sneakers for working out (that also will double for my Hitomi cosplay this summer). Those shoes, plus a scale for weighing myself was my gift from my grandma. I also got the box set for Full Metal Panic, some Hello Kitty stuff including a watch, some shirts, a hanging organizer, earrings, natural soap and lotions, jelly beans, gift cards to restaurants, bed sheets, and some Rainbow Brite stuff. Mom apparently hasn't forgotten that it was Rainbow Brite and (flower) Angel (the anime) that were my first obsessions ever, lol. Oh, and I got $25!

I am really grateful. I am also really happy that they listened and didn't get me any over the top things or things that would clutter my house since I've been cleaning. I know you should be grateful for anything, and I am, but after having cleaned up my house a lot I'm just glad that most of what I got were practical things. I will put them to good use!

At some point last night, up until early this morning, I marathoned all of Trigun. That was AWESOME. Man, I forgot how much I fucking love that anime. It still makes me cry. And I don't care if anyone laughs at me over it, I like having a reminder of how to live positively when I find it so easy to slip into negative thinking.

Now to marathon Sailor Moon S since I'm bringing my Eudial cosplay to A-kon.
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I wish I could invent a time machine, lol.

The costume for [personal profile] insidious is half done. Not as far along as I'd like, but I pinned on the velcro last night, and if I'm not exhausted when I get home tonight, I'll sew it on.

Instead, what I did this week was have a mental meltdown over some personal issues, and then maddeningly do some cleaning around the house. Well at least the kitchen is clean now.

And then I learned to make soup last night. I've made various ramens and such before, but never vegetable beef soup/stew. It turned out awesomeeee. *_* Much better than my failed and deflated cupcakes from over the weekend (which at least tasted okay, but I had to bake them twice because they caved in.)

I've been working on writing an app for [community profile] somarium, and yeah, I'm joining a game again. With school ending, I'll finally have all my evenings free again. I didn't realize a couple of people I know play there, too, so it'll be nice to RP with them again. *_*

My game with [personal profile] selphish is also awesome! We also decided to join the LARP at Otakon, and I haven't been this excited about RP in a while now, especially live action RP. :D I picked Hitomi, she picked Nuriko. We already play them in our game (well I plan to write Hitomi, I have written her before), so it's like practice.

Anyway, I have 2 more days to finish the app for Somarium, and then I'll finish marathoning D. Gray-man, since I'm also eyeing another game. I'll wait just a bit to be sure I can balance it all before deciding, but no matter how many times I push the urge away, I want to write from it again and I know my friends have been wanting castmates.

I just wish this math class would be over already. Ughhhh. I'm pretty sure I bombed my last math test, because we had a time limit on it and none of the previous tests did. The final is only an hour and 50 minutes, and the review has 60 questions on it!!! I want to cry. ;_; I mean it's consecutively taken me 3 hours to do 30 questions on all the previous tests!

Nothing I can do but stay up late this week and cram. u_u It's mother's day weekend too, and that means I'll have no time at all on Sunday to accomplish anything, because I have two places to go visit. I love my mom and stepmom, but having such a big family is so time consuming. T____T

So close

Apr. 26th, 2013 10:34 am
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I made it to the bottom of my pile of laundry.

This may not seem like a big thing to most people, but to me it is. I do not remember the last time I had all of my laundry done. Granted, there's more now after changing for bath and bed yesterday, but my point is I completely emptied the basket and the pile around my closet for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

I am a packrat and almost on par with what I would call a hoarder. No really, I suppose that I am one, or I was. I've been working really hard to keep from falling back into old habits for a year or so now, but there've been lots of ups and downs. I would say that I keep my kitchen fairly organized now, and the kitchinette corner is almost completely empty now. My living room has its good and bad days, but on any given day you can sit in most of the chairs. I've piled up about 4 boxes to donate, and more to toss (I just need my damn paycheck to come so I can get the proper lawn sized trashbags to haul it all out.). One closet in my bathroom is organized and all my clothes are hung up properly. ;_;

I feel so much better about myself, even if there's still a long way to go.

The only thing I think still needs work is to find the time/energy/motivation to crack down and work on cosplay. I say this every week, even if I don't post about it, but it always seems like when I want to start, something gets in the way. One of us doesn't feel well or there is too much else to get done. Cleaning has been part of that, but necessary so I don't really blame it. I'd rather have the house organized, but I know I've been getting on [personal profile] insidious's nerves by being such a hypocrite about it. I am trying to remember to only focus on myself and what I need to do.

Tonight I'm not going to the movies or anything (last night we saw Dark Skies at the dollar theater. Scary!), so I'll try to finish clearing a space in the living room and start patterning. I've removed all the costumes/convention gear pile I had in front of the fireplace and put them away so if I just get the box of fabric into the garage and cover it so the bugs won't get in it, I can get to work!

Last night the cat kept pissing me off, walking all over the laundry I was trying to stack while watching the live action Kenshin. That movie is AWESOME btw. The fight scenes were just fantastic. @_@ But the actors were perfectly cast, I think, and I had no complaints about the movie at all. Thanks to Jen showing me how to hook the laptop up to the TV, I got to watch it all on the big screen. *______* I need to do that more often.
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A-kon is coming up soon, and this weekend I'm gonna get started on costumes for [personal profile] insidious and me. We're going to cosplay from Bounen no Xam'd. If you've never seen it, it's about strange ancient religious superpowers and a war between the people trying to save the world or use those strange power mutations as weapons. It's messed up, but really, really good. Some of the best character development and cast I've seen in a while.

Here is what I'll be sewing:

[personal profile] insidious's character, Kakisu

and mine, Haru

Thankfully they are just jackets and accessories. My house is now clean enough for me to feel comfortable sewing. I'm gonna crack down on myself and get this shit done on time this time. I swear it.
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I am so excited!!! I never thought I'd get a chance to see him perform, but ever since Gundam Seed I really enjoyed his music! *____* I can't wait! I will wait in line for this! Gah, if only I had had the time and money to gave made that coat from the Ignited music video. I never had the skills. Now I see exactly how to make it, but with school and all it would take me a year to complete.

Maybe I'll just remake Fllay, version 3.0... I could always try one of her alternate outfits this time.
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Work went on forever and ever today. Corporate was going to come by at some point during my shift, but the manager on duty as usual didn't let me out when my shift ended. And we always get a flood of people RIGHT at that hour, because we start serving breakfast. Every other manager I've had closes my drawer early so that they won't be too swamped to do so when the rush comes. But honestly, I think they need to schedule one more person overnight because I always feel like I'm leaving them short-staffed when I leave.

Either way, I'm glad to be out of there. When corporate did come in, it was like a sea of bigwigs in button up shirts, and they helped clear out the swarm of orders really fast. I also answered all the questions they asked me correctly, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. I hope this gets something done about the night shift, that they notice that more workers are needed at that hour. But either way, I'm exhausted.

I didn't get anything productive done today except the dishes. I'll try to motivate myself to work on Martel in the morning, before it's back to work again. @_@ I really wish I had more time to do fannish things right now. I still need to try and make some kind of music video out of all the footage I got at Otakon.

But for now, sleep. z_z Goodnight!


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