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I really should have said something sooner, but I think I'm all set up on unemployment now. I just have to wait for it to kick in, with everything else. I told the temp I wasn't interested, before my last day ended, so I think I'm good. I'm sticking with searching directly for now. I'm even going to try to get a job where [ profile] togabitoion works, even if it's kinda-sorta sales. More like order taking. I can do that.

On a different note, has anyone ever had trouble with a laptop battery going out on them? Mine for a while wasn't recognizing a charge, but I managed to reset it in the power settings and it was cool for a few weeks. It hasn't done it since. But last night the computer froze completely, and when I forced it to shut down it wouldn't turn back on beyond a black lit screen, no bios or anything, and blinking capslock and numlock. It booted without the battery just fine, if I plugged it in, and letting it rest overnight, the battery is working again.

Did it overheat or what? I think I still have warranty for another two weeks. Fancy the timing.
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My laptop finally bit it.

But I buckled down and got a new one, surprisingly for the same price my netbook cost in the first place. WTF Dad, you should have shopped around.

Komurin 2, your keyboard is ginormous. @_@;;

Thanks to [ profile] togabitoion for helping me find a good one, and also for the early bday present. She got me a PSP, she's so nice! \(;o;)/
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I think it's starting to get to the point that my computer wants to throw a fit every day. It's not quite there yet, but it's having more errors all the time. I've bluescreened quite a few times this weekend, and even had 'Integer divided by 0' errors. @_@ I can't open any image editing program, save windows paint, without it completely freezing up. I bluescreened with DivX just a moment ago too. I've been told I need a new processor... Piece of junk. I want a new computer, period. ;;__;;

Wah... I can't wait until Halloween... *_*


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