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I am so excited. I enrolled today for Steel Band again at Richland. And while I had said I didn't want to take another math class, I figured 'what the hell?'. My teacher had a point when she said 'use it or lose it', and I don't want to forget what I had learned by the time I get around to feeling like taking Algebra. So, I'm going to take it this fall. And if I can manage Algebra AND music, then maybe next semester I'll take something else on top of that. It just depends how I feel, but I really want to keep my brain active.

It scares me to think that bipolar and alzheimers have the same areas of the brain affected, and I may just be being a worry wart, but I feel like being in school keeps things in my head ticking the way they should be. I'll stay in school forever if I keep getting the highs of accomplishment that I got last semester.

On top of that, I like my therapist, and I found a psychiatrist that will see me. I feel so... responsible. I hope that this optimism lasts.

Last weekend [personal profile] insidious and I saw Pacific Rim, and it was AWESOME! And then the next day we went to the Dollar Theater and saw Olympus Has Fallen. That was also good, and I love the actors in it. I felt like I was watching some alternate universe of Batman, though, because Harvey Dent and Lucius Fox. XD

Then Sunday [personal profile] rubyredrose, [personal profile] ot_atma, and Gypsy got me and we went to Ikea. Well first I went to a breakfast buffet with [personal profile] insidious, and so I planned to have a healthier lunch at Ikea. We went to Blue Mesa instead, which was another buffet, and so my diet was blown but it was so delicious. ;_; I also got a pretty tasty drink, but the blueberry made it kind of bitter. After that we got my shelf and some tupperware, and after an ordeal getting inside and assembled, I have a bookshelf. It was exhausting, but tonight I plan to use that clear space to organize my room more. Without them, I wouldn't be able to get as far as I have.

Tonight I'm gonna stop and get groceries on the way home. Well, rice at least. I have a delivery of local farm vegetables showing up tomorrow, so I don't need much else. Then I'll cook and get to organizing, and then play some Suikoden again. It's almost time to take away all of Gremio's things. T___T That game is so sad, but what I do to the characters may be worse.
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So my sewing machine came in on Friday after I sat at the office all day waiting for it. What an annoying situation I put myself in. I paid for expedited shipping, but it wasn't shipped until Tuesday, so it got caught in the 4th of July mail backup. But I did get it, and it's a beautiful sewing machine. My wallet is hurting because of it, but I have a very nice machine that won't crap out on me in the future which is a good investment.

Now I can't eat out AT ALL for a month until Otakon. I'll be good. @___@

[personal profile] insidious and I went to the baseball game on Sunday. It was the one game the Rangers won, so we lucked out! It was really hot though, and I wish I had remembered sun screen. In any case, I'm glad we went. I had a ton of fun and I hope she did too.

I've been in this slump of not wanting to do anything all week. I know it's depression or something, but I started taking my vitamins every day for a week now and at the very least, with the exception of an argument on Saturday I feel like at least my temperament has become better. Now if I could just get myself doing things again.

Since I finished all the episodes of everything I've been watching on Netflix, I turned to the internet for help because I know they won't put everything up on that service. Which is kind of defeating the purpose of paying for episodes on demand, isn't it? I found a bunch of stuff though, such as My Cat From Hell, Ghost Hunters, Hoarders, and Pawn Stars. I actually like reality TV if I feel that it is educational. I can't stand the stuff that's just people bickering and being stupid.

Every. Single. Time. that I watch hoarders, I get this mad drive to clean my house. I didn't really do much this weekend, but I did put my sewing away before I went to bed Suday. I know leaving it out drives [personal profile] insidious up the wall. I think a lot of my stuff is driving her up the wall, so I got a bunch of plastic organizers thanks to my dad helping, and they should ship to my house this week. I can't just hold out and try to get nicer looking shelves. It's not going to get things organized any faster. My fabric needs a place to go that isn't piled in boxes that I dig through whenever I need something and just make new messes. They don't stack at all, either, so it takes up too much space. My notions and threads can stay in the box but that can go on the big storage shelf too. And all the random crap on my desk can either get put in the plastic drawers or sorted out to be donated or trashed.

I am so sick of moving things around in circles looking for a place for them to go. I can't imagine how someone else feels.

And I'm really excited for next weekend when [personal profile] rubyredrose and Gypsy come over and we hit Ikea for a bookshelf. Just... if I can get my room spotless, then maybe, just maybe, if I can keep it clean for a few months to prove to myself that I can be organized, I'll get a dog again and it will be safe in my room for it and the cat.

So close

Apr. 26th, 2013 10:34 am
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I made it to the bottom of my pile of laundry.

This may not seem like a big thing to most people, but to me it is. I do not remember the last time I had all of my laundry done. Granted, there's more now after changing for bath and bed yesterday, but my point is I completely emptied the basket and the pile around my closet for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

I am a packrat and almost on par with what I would call a hoarder. No really, I suppose that I am one, or I was. I've been working really hard to keep from falling back into old habits for a year or so now, but there've been lots of ups and downs. I would say that I keep my kitchen fairly organized now, and the kitchinette corner is almost completely empty now. My living room has its good and bad days, but on any given day you can sit in most of the chairs. I've piled up about 4 boxes to donate, and more to toss (I just need my damn paycheck to come so I can get the proper lawn sized trashbags to haul it all out.). One closet in my bathroom is organized and all my clothes are hung up properly. ;_;

I feel so much better about myself, even if there's still a long way to go.

The only thing I think still needs work is to find the time/energy/motivation to crack down and work on cosplay. I say this every week, even if I don't post about it, but it always seems like when I want to start, something gets in the way. One of us doesn't feel well or there is too much else to get done. Cleaning has been part of that, but necessary so I don't really blame it. I'd rather have the house organized, but I know I've been getting on [personal profile] insidious's nerves by being such a hypocrite about it. I am trying to remember to only focus on myself and what I need to do.

Tonight I'm not going to the movies or anything (last night we saw Dark Skies at the dollar theater. Scary!), so I'll try to finish clearing a space in the living room and start patterning. I've removed all the costumes/convention gear pile I had in front of the fireplace and put them away so if I just get the box of fabric into the garage and cover it so the bugs won't get in it, I can get to work!

Last night the cat kept pissing me off, walking all over the laundry I was trying to stack while watching the live action Kenshin. That movie is AWESOME btw. The fight scenes were just fantastic. @_@ But the actors were perfectly cast, I think, and I had no complaints about the movie at all. Thanks to Jen showing me how to hook the laptop up to the TV, I got to watch it all on the big screen. *______* I need to do that more often.
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I open an internet radio station to listen to some anime music because I'm tired of the usual selection on my hard drive, and what does it do? Play Ys.

Well, worth at least seeing what else is playing while I go clean.


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