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That movie (Nocturnal Animals) was... a trip. I was not prepared. It did make you think by the end of it, but there were some shocking things in it I had no idea of, so if you plan to go see it, be warned you might want to look up why it's rated what it was. It was well done for what it was, though. I guess what I can take away from it is that I am a lot more stable at handling movies with unsettling content in them than I used to be. I enjoyed the acting in it, too. I didn't recognize that it was the same actress (Amy Adams) as the one in Arrival (THAT movie was amazing, omg) and Enchanted. And it was really weird to see Jake Gyllenhaal (how does one pronounce his name anyway?) play an emotionally fragile/damaged man after JUST watching Prince of Persia the other day.

...I much prefer him as Dastan, though. X)

So movies aside, I got a good chunk of Christmas shopping done. We went to an antique mall and to the regular malls, too. My family is really hard to shop for so I'm kind of going for the gift-card angle but along with something meaningful as a small trinket with it, with significance to what each person likes. For example I got my brother an antique wooden box to put the gift card in, because he and my sister-in-law like handmade things. Whereas my little sister only wants makeup... at least that was easy lol.

I don't think I've done as much mall-ratting in high-end malls as I have this weekend. It's a bit overwhelming to realize how much things in a lot of those shops cost. I never go into them. I window-shopped a lot of the fancy stores with my friends and felt just how small my own wallet was, jeez. I realize we live in a world with a skewed sense of value, going either direction. I make a lot of my own things, but mostly in cosplay. I understand the value of a well-made item, whether one of a kind or manufactured, and a lot of that gets undersold when people think it should be sold for less already. But I don't like the overly high cost of big name brands. I also dislike how cheap fast fashion is when it's probably made in some overseas sweatshop. It leaves me in a weird place, where I wouldn't mind spending more or buying brand things, but sometimes I think the label upcharge on them is just ridiculous. Extremely ridiculous. I'm still eternally torn over that. I'd like to own the same things my friends are oogling, and then I want to spend my money on sewing stuff instead, or set it aside for things like my home or a vacation or just being responsible. I'm not really going anywhere with this except I felt extremely poor and small walking into those stores. But I know if I switched my priorities around and saved, I could probably at least get a nice thing or two.

I like fandom too much, for the most part, though...

[personal profile] insidious played some more .hack//GU this weekend. It was just leveling, though the end of the game is very near. I tried to play some more Trails in the Sky but I fell asleep. The only real chance I had at attempting it was after going to my dad's for tree-decorating on Saturday night. They invited [personal profile] insidious over, too, and I think it's cool that my family included her since she only really gets to go home a few times a year for holiday stuff. And it's something I appreciate a lot since I don't really have anyone else I'm as close to to drag along with me to family gatherings.

I blew off my diet this weekend and I regret it immensely. It's really an understatement to call it a diet, when it's more of a lifestyle to eat low carb like I do. My body could REALLY feel the difference when I ate rice and sweets and other filling things. I got super sick later in the day. It felt like a horrible sugar crash and I was exhausted and my heart was a bit fluttery. If I think of binging on sweets again, I really just need to remember how awful I felt. x_x It sucks because I fucking love sweets and carbs. But a little restraint will save me tons of feeling terrible later.

Tonight I will try to get a lot of things done that I wasn't able to since I wasn't home much. No excuses, I have to clean out the sink. -_- And make another bow. Start some laundry. I need to start working on Leorio's briefcase. That's probably enough for one night.
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Does anyone want to exchange cards? I will screen comments on this post, just leave me your address! If you want a different holiday on your card instead of Christmas, let me know that too and I'll send the appropriate kind! :D

Today is my last weekday at my current job, and I'll be moving to weekends only (ugh, 10 hour shifts, not looking forward to it). But my new job starts Monday!!!! *_* And I'll work both for the rest of this year, which sucks, but that way I'll keep my benefits until my new ones kick in.

I really can't wait to be able to start affording things again.

Registered for next semester today at school though, so I feel accomplished!
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I spend the night at my mom's house every christmas eve. In the morning, we wake up and go to my grandma's house. Currently, Summer, my old and blind and deaf dog from high school, is flipping out that mom is changing in the next room and she can't get to her. She completely ignores me because my mom is her world. It's kind of cute and pitiful at the same time. Sucks that we have to leave her here when we go to Mimi's, but I know it'd be too stressful for her.
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I didn't think I'd be able to draw something this year but miracles do happen. )

Guhhhh my skill has gone down the crapper. This is what happens when you stop drawing for years, folks.

But! Retarded hands or not, this is for everyone on my FL and all my friends online or off. I couldn't do cards this year, there's just no way I have the resources to make and mail out that many with where I work now. But I wanted to do something. I hope everyone has a great holday season!


Nov. 17th, 2010 11:25 am
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I feel like I ought to post something about Christmas/holiday cards because I had used to send them out regularly every year. I just can't keep up with it very well right now anymore. My old job made it easier to make copies of what I drew and put them on every card, to mail them out (when I can't get to a post office myself), and well, I didn't have the art block that has pretty much consumed me the past year or two. I think that in general, I have just become more tired, too.

So I want to apologize to my friend's list and tell you all that I still love you guys, but unless I get a huge inspiration and manage to draw something, I probably won't be sharing anything this year. If by some miracle I do, I'll post it here and dedicate it to you guys. *hugs*


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