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So much of this day went by before I knew it. DX I woke up late, almost at lunch, but then [personal profile] insidious and I went to Ihop for breakfast/lunch. Then she was nice enough to drive me by Joannes, so I got fabric to line Miaka, which I still haven't started on yet. Maybe I will crack down tonight and sew.

I've been distracted playing Tales of Phantasia instead. I've made it to getting Sylph, and managed to do some of the side-quests earlier than I knew was possible (like hooking up Elwin and Nancy by walking all the way across the map just to get it done lol).

I FINALLY have started drawing again, too. Most of it's up on my deviantart (, but I haven't finished the picture I drew of Chester's little sister yet. I got some really nice manga pens to ink with and maybe, just maybe, I'm over this two-year art slump. I really hope so...
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I fell asleep on the couch last night before I could make it up to my room for bed. I intended to go to bed early to make up for what I didn't get sleep-wise the night before. Still no contact from my other job, which is disappointing. I can't say I'm in a particular hurry to finish the work when I can't without some input. It's pretty much at a point now where they need to give a yes or no on the art.

This is why I don't want to do graphic design. I keep thinking I want to, but then I realize that people are fickle, and won't be able to make up their minds on what they want. Not to mention that the work comes and goes by demand, and my skills are not on a level that I feel I can always give what people are looking for. To be honest, I would love a job where I did something like building things with my hands. Whether it be crafting wood or sculpting, but what exists in that market these days? Not to mention, I think if I found something like assembling furniture, they would want me to be a man who could lift 50+lbs. Is there a future for girls anywhere in that kind of career?

I can't help but think daily about what kind of job I would rather have. I'm sure this is normal for everyone, but every single break that I have I am on my phone searching craigslist. I only see myself happy with a job that has flexible hours. I don't care if it pays less as long as it's enough to make ends meet. But until Otakon, I can't afford to switch to something else unless it pays what I'm making now because I've committed to that. My daydreams are of walking out of my office and working at Whataburger for the rest of the summer.

And then I want to ramble excitedly about my RPs and how much of a crossover they have grown into but I have a feeling no one would get them. D. Gray-man + .hack//SIGN and //GU + Hunter x Hunter + Trigun + Code Geass + Escaflowne and Rayearth and Slayers. Maybe I should force myself to start drawing art from them again because I really miss posting that stuff to Deviantart.


Nov. 17th, 2010 11:25 am
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I feel like I ought to post something about Christmas/holiday cards because I had used to send them out regularly every year. I just can't keep up with it very well right now anymore. My old job made it easier to make copies of what I drew and put them on every card, to mail them out (when I can't get to a post office myself), and well, I didn't have the art block that has pretty much consumed me the past year or two. I think that in general, I have just become more tired, too.

So I want to apologize to my friend's list and tell you all that I still love you guys, but unless I get a huge inspiration and manage to draw something, I probably won't be sharing anything this year. If by some miracle I do, I'll post it here and dedicate it to you guys. *hugs*


Oct. 16th, 2002 11:35 pm
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My mind is going blank. I know somewhere in there are all the things I wanted to say today, and all the comments I wanted to say to my friends. Maybe it will come back to me tomorrow. *hugs Ion and Shadra* I'm so sorry for you guys. I'm gonna try and draw you both something special while I'm at work tomorrow to make up for my lack of anything helpful to say.

I'm tired...


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