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As usual I'm swamped getting ready for the con (Adol's armor is a disaster T_T), but [ profile] smiling_evil, was there a day you wanted to wear Heat Guy J costumes? It's just [ profile] sand_karasu and I, the group never got any bigger than that, but we're still bringing Daisuke and Clair.
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Sooo I really am lame and should have posted this sooner, asking the people I met at last Onicon, but I pretty much disappeared off of the face of LJ for the longest time.

Uh, does anyone still want to join me for then? I am trying to put together a group, and so far may have Clair, Mitchal, (MAYBE Ian), Daisuke or Giovanni(Me), and I'm crossing my fingers for a Monica. I have some friends I asked a year ago to be Kyoko and J, but I am not sure that they still want to... so it's a whole big lot of maybes.

But if I never ask, I'll never know, right?

[ profile] smiling_evil, are you still going to wear Kia?
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Back from Afest. Exhausted. Broke. Don't wanna go back to work tomorrow and I have a crapload of RP tags to reply to (Shit... when did I neglect a reply for two weeks? >_<) but I swear tomorrow I'll get back on track. Need to clean up the mess around the apartment too...


Cosplaying Rasiel had to be one of the most fun cosplay experiences I've had in a long time. XD Fighting off all my twin brother cosplayers every time I ran into one in the halls made every last bit of stress finishing the costume worth it. I got to act like a spoiled rich brat and get away with it (ILU all for putting up with me. XD) I made a ton of new friends (Hi guys! :D) and we had a mafia dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse, and I had to put up with Xanxus's shit all weekend (lol) and antics were had. His eyebrows are creepy and I had to stare at them while I painted them on every morning. >:|

Oh and then there was all the jokes about my butler, The Doctor, who went back in time to save me before I died, or something. It was somehow decided that Byakuran is the Doctor, although I personally was hanging out with the 2nd Doctor, who looked more like a butler and since mine had died, I deemed him to be my helper all weekend. ;D Thanks Doc.


I can't wait until Oni-con.

You guys who are gonna come work on cosplay for next year with me, let me know whenever you want to get started!

First post!

Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:29 pm
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Um... don't have any friends here yet, I don't think... besides [community profile] samurai_troopers. XD

Getting ready for Animefest. It's tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight because I'll be sewing so much. T_T But it should be worth it.
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So... the rest of Friday night, right? :D I changed into Azmaria later, and a group of us went to Spaghetti Warehouse. We dragged Hoshi with us, though I feel sorry since we picked a place that didn't have much she could eat. But we still had fun, and [ profile] leochan showed up later and made fun of me! :P
Evil! )

I also got a pic of me as Azmaria in a confessional booth, because SW has all sorts of decorations in it. Unfortunately, that was before [ profile] leochan showed up, so it was on a cameraphone. T_T I need to get that later. I ended up only eating some of my dinner, because we passed so many refugees on the way to dinner, and I brought back my leftovers hoping to give it to someone. Sure enough, someone stopped us. I hope it was someone who needed it, because it's so hard to tell among everyone you see. Anyways, with that done, we went back to the hotel again. Oh, I forgot to mention, on the way TO get dinner, there was a guy who saw us in costume when the train doors opened, he threw up his arms and screamed like a horror movie and ran off. XD It was hilarious. I'm pretty sure he was just being silly. When we got back, we wandered up to the roof to get a quiet place to rehearse our lines for cosplay. But we got distracted taking pictures, because the light was gorgeous!

Azmaria with cool lighting. )

Then we rehearsed, with the input of these other strange people hanging out on the roof. At least they gave us some theater input. It was hard to rehearse everything when we were missing two members of our skit. @_@

Now for Staturday. I didn't get much sleep because I wanted to wake up early, plus [ profile] mel_mel_chan's phone goes off at 6:30, so I got up and put on Flute, and helped [ profile] thunderemperor into his Hamel costume after he came by. Then we taped my wrists together and marched off as 'Hamel and girl-for-sale'. T_T Poor Flute. It was funny though. [ profile] rubyredrose actually was the only one who bought me, and just for one gold coin. ;o; I'm not that worthless am I?? We ran into the girl who was Kestra the day before, but she was wearing the Flute costume I had given Hoshi. I wish I could have gotten pics with her as Kestra, but oh well. Saw Raiel and Rip as Hamel too. :D Wandered around a bit more until I saw the CUTEST Conan cosplayer EVER. It was a little boy who had to be no older than the character himself, and he had the poses and look down perfect. XD It was great. I got some pics, and ran upstairs to put on Shinichi, because I would have loved pictures together. But by that point, I couldn't find him anymore! ;_; It's ok though, I ran into Sky Pirate, and got pics of me reading my Sherlock Holmes book while resting a foot on my soccer ball. XD Oh- I forgot to mention that on the first day when I wore Shinichi on the way to the con, I was asked at Target what I was wearing. I said I was a detective, and they said 'where's your hat? You need one, like Sherlock Holmes!' It was all I could do not to laugh and go into character rambling about the famous detective. Ah well. Back to Saturday- Soon we had to find everyone for cosplay rehearsal. Oh man, that was crazy. We couldn't find half our group, and so we took turns holding our place while the others went to look for them. @_@ Finally, we got to test blocking everything on stage even though we hadn't found Daniel yet, and after that, we went up to the room to change into our costumes. It took a long time to get the makeup for Vaati ready, but eventually it got done! [ profile] mel_mel_chan took pictures while [ profile] wildstarjp put his camera behind us to film the process. Makeup progress shots! )

It took so long that I barely had time to glue the bobbypins on my crown and fix my wig! When it was all done, we had only minutes to spare, and we rushed downstairs to the cosplay... only to find that it would take an HOUR before they got thing started. Anyways, our skit went pretty well, even though I botched my exit direction. ^^;;

Fansview got some good pics this year. Maybe he has a new camera.

Some of the skits were great, very funny, but some I didn't understand at all, some were way too long, and there was a bit too much yaoi for my taste. Oh well. I wonder what the firefighters who watched the show thought of all us weirdos up on stage? ^^; By the end of cosplay, I was dozing off. I should have slept more the previous night. T_T But it was also awful how long we had to wait to get the judges results. I was about to just go up to the room and go to bed because I didn't care who won, but I knew I'd have to help [ profile] togabitoion get out of her makeup, so I toughed it out. When it was all over, we ordered chinese, and I ate some, but gave the rest to Parker because I was too exhausted, and I crashed.

So that's half the con right there! I hope I didn't mix up the order of events, but some things were a bit fuzzy. I'll write more later, especially after I find pictures. It's just not a con report if I don't put pixtures to the events! If you have pictures from the con with me or you in them, please share! D:

And convention report aside, I still have lots to write about, but I'm running out of time now, and tonight I won't have time to write because I'll be attending band. @_@ I hope I don't screw up! Wish me luck!
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First off I just have to say that without the help of my friends, I would not have been able to make it to this convention. Thank you so very much!

Second off, I felt kinda bad going to a convention this past weekend, especially being just down the street from the Reunion Arena where all the evacuees were. I was at least glad to know that AnimeFest did what it could to help people- the art auction proceeds went to relief funds, and the hotel was housing TONS of rescue workers there. I only wondered why they were there most of the weekend and not being mobilized. It seemed that by Saturday morning many were moving out, but then there were tons more from California on Sunday. The convention let them in for free though, (and I think evacuees got in free too, and although a rumor to me, I wouldn't be surprised. Animefest is cool like that.) and I hope that the convention was able to at least brighten someone's day for a few hours.

As for how things went, it was very much a blur. A fun blur, but a blur none the less.

Thursday night I got home from work and began finishing up the Zelda costumes. [ profile] rubyredrose helped me finish the train on Zelda's skirt, and I put the finishing touches on Vaati and Zelda, mostly their belts, Zelda's jewelry, and Vaati's hat. [ profile] thunderemperor arrived and hung out with us, and while I really really wanted to fix up his Hamel costume, and make Flute, it turned into another Friday morning rush again, because I decided to get some much-needed sleep before attempting anything. So that night we crashed, him in [ profile] togabitoion's room, and [ profile] rubyredrose in mine, and got up the next day to finish stuff. I made Flute, butchered the Shinichi shirt's sleeves so it would double as her shirt, but his jacket would cover it if I wore it for him. XD We got everything packed, and finally headed out around 2-3 in the afternoon. So we missed a lot of Friday, but it was really ok because it was a 4 day con. There was a minor panic about having a room when things fell through, but [ profile] wildstarjp came through for us, and so we ended up rooming with him, [ profile] mel_mel_chan, [ profile] fullmetalsqishy, Stitch, and the cool guy whose name I can't remember (sorry! ;o; ) with the commie-naruto headband. @_@ It was a little cramped, but we managed. They were all so nice and let [ profile] togabitoion and I use the bed! ;___; That was incredibly kind, since we had no money. Thank you. But anyways, at that point I was wandering around in my Shinichi costume, and [ profile] thunderemperor in his Walter costume, and [ profile] togabitoion wearing my Naruto headband even though she doesn't like it! o_O And then things got blurry, and I don't remember much more about that day... I think because I'm running out of time I will write more about the con tonight. And post pictures with it!

(I wonder how many posts this is going to take up...)


Aug. 22nd, 2005 11:11 am
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So! Thanks to [ profile] wildstarjp, [ profile] leochan, and [ profile] thunderemperor, I'll be going to Animefest! So's [ profile] togabitoion as far as I know. :D I'm working on re-making the Flute costume tonight, because I gave the old one to Hoshi. (she was so cute in it, I had to let her have it! XD) Alas, I nearly went through this con without sewing. Ohwell. I have just about everything I need for it. Still have that cheap wig that -might- work for the replacement Flute wig. We'll see. If not, maybe I could wear it with the Shinichi costume, and dye that pleated skirt I have blue... and be Ran instead! Bwahaha. XD Since [ profile] rubyredrose is making my Van shirt, I should probably style the wig for that. *sigh* I'm sacrificing the Feitan wig for it. From Fakir, to Feitan, to Van... That wig's been through a lot. I need to eventually fix up those costumes and get new wigs for them, but that can wait until next year. :)

Anyways, I'm really excited now. And storing all that extra fabric sure did come in handy. Thanks you guys!


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