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I went to my grandma's tonight, and saw my family on my mom's side. It was a lot of fun! I'm exhausted, but it was good to see everyone. I managed not to doze off while I was over there, either, because I've only had a few hours of sleep last night with getting ready for A-kon.

I've nearly finished [personal profile] insidious costume, it just needs some more trim and an arm-band and little decorative thingies on the shoulders. I could probably finish those in a few hours, but I'm tired and debating forcing myself to get back to work, or lay down for a bit.

Yesterday I hung out with [personal profile] rubyredrose and [personal profile] ot_atma and they took me to lunch! We had some really deep conversations for which I am grateful, because they always have good advice and are great listeners. I never come home feeling bad after hanging out with them. :) Thanks, you guys! And good luck assembling your shelf, Katie!

I got a pretty good haul at my birthday party tonight, though. Mom had taken me shoe shopping the week before, and I picked out sneakers for working out (that also will double for my Hitomi cosplay this summer). Those shoes, plus a scale for weighing myself was my gift from my grandma. I also got the box set for Full Metal Panic, some Hello Kitty stuff including a watch, some shirts, a hanging organizer, earrings, natural soap and lotions, jelly beans, gift cards to restaurants, bed sheets, and some Rainbow Brite stuff. Mom apparently hasn't forgotten that it was Rainbow Brite and (flower) Angel (the anime) that were my first obsessions ever, lol. Oh, and I got $25!

I am really grateful. I am also really happy that they listened and didn't get me any over the top things or things that would clutter my house since I've been cleaning. I know you should be grateful for anything, and I am, but after having cleaned up my house a lot I'm just glad that most of what I got were practical things. I will put them to good use!

At some point last night, up until early this morning, I marathoned all of Trigun. That was AWESOME. Man, I forgot how much I fucking love that anime. It still makes me cry. And I don't care if anyone laughs at me over it, I like having a reminder of how to live positively when I find it so easy to slip into negative thinking.

Now to marathon Sailor Moon S since I'm bringing my Eudial cosplay to A-kon.
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A-kon was, nostalgically perhaps, a train wreck with a little bit of fun sprinkled in.

It's been a long time since things have gone this badly, and maybe I was due a kick in the ass to stop procrastinating so much like I used to. We didn't get our costumes done until Friday, but even on Thursday we tried to make it up to the hotel in time to get our pre-reg badges. This was the start of Things Going Wrong(tm). Google maps will show you the traffic. I have always used my phone to navigate us wherever we are going, and the traffic function, while not perfect, helps. But ever since I updated to a 4G phone, it's been screwy. So we got on the tollway, and it was SLAMMED. Not only that, but just before we got on, we missed it, and had to U-turn. So 30-45 minutes later, we finally make our way into clear traffic and find 75, and head downtown. At that point we were already pushing getting there before the lines closed, but we tried anyway, and parked. When we got in, they turned us away.

I really think I am starting to have anger management problems. I shouldn't have felt that steamed up over it when I know better, but I spent $5 that could have gone toward food for the weekend on parking that went nowhere.

Anyway, fast-forward to Friday. I sewed all night. ALL. NIGHT. Nonstop, except for any attempts we made to finish the hammer for Lavi, which was finally given up on. But we made a tiny one out of a Pringles can, so all was not lost. Come morning, I was a human sewing machine, because I was not tired, or hungry, and didn't really have all that much grasp of how much time had passed except for my cellphone at my side and the steadily growing brightness of the wretched day star. Things were looking dismal. I finished Bookman at about noon, or maybe it was closer to 2. We still had to hem the lab coats for Tomoe and Eudial, but not without putting the pockets in. The sewing machine ate one of the button holes even though it has a function for automatically sewing them, it decided to sew crooked and in lumps. Much frustration and seam ripping later, they were done.

Mind you, in the impending 24 hour crunch before a con I am always already packing simultaneously with anything else that I do. So at least most of my stuff was already ready. I keep a list. I let laundry finish while I pattern/sew/etc. I grab a pair of shoes on my way to pick up a new thread.

We left the house at about 5. We got there about 7, unloaded into the hotel and got valet to save time, and at least got our badges. We had eaten on the way, with many hilarious stares as a woman with bright red hair and heels in a lab coat, and a grey-haired man in matching coat with crazy glasses went into 7-11. I think people might have thought I looked a bit like a slut... I mean, it wasn't on purpose but my lab coat didn't quite fit right, and was low enough cut to show the tank top I had on under it. And the only one I'd been able to find that seemed 'Eudial' enough was this red one with lace at the top. XD I wasn't showing a lot of skin though.

(A Ranma and Akane I saw when we were hanging out with Katie and Ed)

In any case, we wandered around the hotel for a bit, hung out with Katie, Ed, and briefly saw ShizuBro, then got drinks by ourselves at the bar. We didn't even get carded, and I think it was the costumes that made us seem older. Since we had our room with Melanie and Logan, Logan had earlier made the joke when I was commenting on the tank top that I was 'Pharmacy Hooker Barbie' and the name stuck. When we were done with our drinks, we went back to the room because we still had to finish the fine details of hemming Bookman's sleeves by hand (the machine probably would have devoured them), and gluing a piece of trim on Lavi's hammer. What should have taken 30 minutes took me 1 and a half hours of nodding off and finding a needle in my hand... perhaps I should have sewed it before having a drink. 9_9

But then we crashed, and I was grateful to the alcohol for finally knocking me out after so much work.

I'll continue with part 2 soon enough.
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Aside from Angel Sanctuary, I did cosplay Kyoko from Reborn at A-kon. Most of my photos are of friends or other congoers though. The one near the bottom in the pink dress and tan jacket is me. :)

...apparently pedobear cosplayers violate the terms of service on photobucket? o_O I had to re-upload a few of Momo+Pedobear and Ryohei Vs Pedobear. D:

Reborn and Bleach )
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I'll post a pic of my costume later when my battery isn't about to die.
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I really think a con is the people you know.

I went to A-kon 20 and it was really weird not having the stress of running around having to do this or that, not having a room, wearing a low-maintenance cosplay, not competing, and just hanging around to talk to people for a day, then going home.

But I did have fun. It's the people you know. They're the reason I went at all. I tried to go without paying, but wouldn't be able to visit them in the art alley without a pass.

One good thing about only going for one day though, a con report is much easier. XD

So have part 1 of my photo and video report. )

I have another memory stick of photos and video but I'll have to put it up later.
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Maybe after cleaning tonight, I can start plotting for A-kon's cosplay next year. I might as well announce here (cause I keep forgetting to!) that we're going to have a big Ys cosplay group next year! *_* So any of you that I've talked to about costumes, do you want to come over sometime and we can plot/make your costumes? :D Just doublechecking the list, but...

[ profile] mel_mel_chan: Terra?
[ profile] fullmetalsqishy: other pirate dude I can't remember? XD
[ profile] thunderemperor: Dogi
[ profile] togabitoion: Eldiel? or Chester? D:
[ profile] celine: Olha? (Are you gonna try to wrangle [ profile] selie into being your Isha? XD)
And me as Adol :O

Ne, I don't know if you read this or not (I think I'm on your FL though...) [ profile] _rosiel_, but are you at all interested in doing the Ernst costume? ^_^;

Also, can I convince you to join us, [ profile] rubyredrose? :D You'd be an awesome Sara!
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I was in a rush the other day, so that's why I didn't post everything about A-kon. I don't feel like writing a really long post either, so I'll list what made me happy and was lots of fun.

Seeing nearly all of my friends.

Saw the third Harry Potter movie even though I was barely awake.

Met and hung out with and cosplayed with [ profile] leochan. :D Rosette and Lacus!
(btw, don't worry about paying me for Lacus since it didn't fit. :O)

Met [ profile] davin and [ profile] kelroni :D Sorry we didn't talk very long. @_@

Did a photoshoot as Fllay even though I was so panicked the costume wouldn't be finsihed in time. Many thanks to Courtney for helping me with the skirt and makeup! *_*

Cosplay and the concert were just awesome.

In general just hung out and had fun with friends in costume, and I even found an Erementar Gerad art book and a Knuckles plush! *_*


On a sad note though, I didn't meet everyone I was looking for :( And I didn't see you anywhere, [ profile] thunderchild, and [ profile] antipeople! ;.;
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Not much time to update, but because I finally am at my computer, I must say:

A-KON ruled *_* Squee! XD

I can't believe Nami is only 16 ;_; I feel so old!

I barely got into the concert, but I did! It was immediately after cosplay, to tide people over before the judging. I want to be a backup dancer. T_T

She said something that I am sure I botched the wording on, but the gist of it was 'Our time together may be short, but for now, lets party!' ^^

We won 3rd place in Cosplay! O___O; holy puchiguso!


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