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Asmaria ([personal profile] asmaria) wrote2017-03-14 02:15 pm

I owe you guys an apology

I said I'd post more, I even went and friended a bunch of people, and then vanished. The truth is, I hit internet burnout pretty bad. I couldn't convince myself I hadn't, that I'd be back the next day or so. Before I knew it, a month had gone by. x_x IDK if it's depression or anxiety or what, but I didn't even touch my MMOs, and haven't gone back yet. I want to. I will. x_x Just need to find the time. Work has also been rough.

Anyway, I should update on some things here.

I recently went to Mini A-kon, and got a few pics. My roommate really got me into the Persona 4 anime, so we went as Yuu (her) and Yousuke (me).

 photo 16904592_1444195142291054_303374870063993975_o_zpsx7pcj3g9.jpg

 photo 20170225_115315_zpspthclckd.jpg

 photo 20170225_132544_zpscsyrv0ds.jpg

 photo 20170225_134242_zpsybhu0ssw.jpg

 photo 20170225_151916_zps5qao6jr4.jpg

 photo 20170225_171832_zpspd5cs42b.jpg

 photo 20170225_172941_zpsgej9yflj.jpg

 photo 20170225_173211_zpsqlv6jge4.jpg

 photo 20170225_182826_zps7wzv0bvr.jpg

I was really excited to see some other cosplayers from fandoms I like. I've seen that Machi around before, they're cool! And while I haven't played any of the Persona games, I recognized the outfit the other guy had on and that was cool.

Aselia-con is coming up this next weekend, and I'm really excited for it! I don't really have anything new except for a scrapped together cosplay of Anise in her 'Not a Kid' costume, but I'm bringing back Brute from Dawn of the New World, and Leia from Xillia. I had to take in Leia's belt, and Brute needed some repairs, and tonight I still need to add lace to the top I got for Anise, it's just something I got on Amazon that works pretty well for it.

I've actually been sewing wefts into [personal profile] insidious's Machi wig for A-kon. I really have to get off my ass in the coming days and bust out as much work as I can get done on everything. I have 2 suits to make, a coat and cape for myself, 3 wigs to style, 4 if you count my own but I'm not sure entirely how much it needs it, and a track suit and some baggy simple garments. I'm not all alone in this. [personal profile] insidious is going to be sewing anything she can, but I have to get it to a point where we can collaborate, and that means actually starting. Guh. I'm a lazy ass.

I'll write more later, but that's what's been up! If you're going to Aseliacon, see you there!