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Asmaria ([personal profile] asmaria) wrote2017-01-19 09:38 am

New Years Metroplex Lolita Meet!

I went to the meet and it was a lot of fun! I rode with my friend Jhericca who took Bree and Stephanie with us, too. We all helped set up, and it went really quickly and the venue was nice for being a rental space tied to a medical center. I wish I had taken more pictures, but they did have a photographer there so I got a few of my coord thanks to him.

 photo 15995004_1401418233235412_972530028110714440_o_zpsqqiapm49.jpg

 photo 15995230_1401418029902099_1629854137407385517_o_zpsvpuz4xbw.jpg

Below, the only two pictures I took. I was low on battery and talking to people so I just forgot. I also didn't feel 100% thanks to mother nature. This was the 2nd meet this has happened to me at, and so consequently half the time I was just anxious about my clothes getting damaged. T___T Well at least otherwise I had a good time.

 photo 20170114_153616_zpscbgn7u69.jpg

 photo 20170114_134920_zpsdydywe0v.jpg

This past Monday I started working on patterning [personal profile] insidious's Campanella suit (Ao no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky). This is a tracing off of her Leorio suit, so there are extra seams, and I'm starting to change what lines up where. I'm still unhappy with it so tonight I'm going to re-trace it onto more scrap fabric and try drafting a 2nd take.

 photo IMG_20170116_233044_286_zpskdp2peok.jpg

I really gotta crack down on myself and work at getting some stuff done this week. We'll be going to the fabric store saturday and I'll pick up my fabric for Bleublanc.

Last night [ profile] togabitoion and I went to Dave and Busters to play DDR! We got sidetracked by a lot of other games though, lol. She was an ace at Time Crisis when we used to go to the arcade, and Time Crisis 5 was out, so she had to play. It had a new mechanism for ducking left or right, though, and I caught this shot at an unfortunate moment. XD

 photo 20170118_202448_zpseghn1ljw_1.jpg

DDR has worn me out, but I just need to caffinate tonight and carry on.

I'm sad my guild/clan in SMT:Imagine has dropped down to 3 people. We had 5 at one point. I try to be on whenever I can! If you see me or Ue around, come join us!

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