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Anime North Texas: Con report (3/3)

Well, here's what I get for forgetting to write the last day of the con report until it's 2 months later... I forgot most of it. Let's see...

I think that we packed most of our stuff after returning to the room the previous night, and took it all down to the valet. I forgot to pack Bree's sewing machine until the morning though, and ran it down there half in costume. It was COLD outside, ugh! We checked out as soon as we were dressed in costume and lugged all my crap for the swap meet down, which is kind of funny to see I guess, as I was dressed as Ashiya again, and Urushihara wasn't carrying anything. We also moved the car before really leaving our room for the last time, because they were going to have a parade that afternoon and we didn't want to get trapped in the hotel parking.

 photo 12291038_1066503680060204_7194634534809934685_o_zpsvnp1nq9p.jpg

We took some cosplayer pictures, and I saw some friends around, so I snapped stealth pics because shipping. XD

 photo 12244337_1066504033393502_5092848954621949176_o_zpsoxftkozc.jpg

We found my friends in their Maou-sama costumes too, but the pictures we got were mostly on their phones and are at the bottom of this post. We caught the wig panel by Quantum Destiny, which was her last before she had to leave town. I enjoyed all her panels, they were great, and I was glad to finally meet her in person! Said goodbye to some friends who were helping at the panel too, then hung around waiting for the swap meet.

I flipped out when I found this Ponzu on the way downstairs. *_____* I'm so happy there are people cosplaying the other hunters!

 photo 12265744_1066503730060199_7903384656252333300_o_zpso0flqpzq.jpg

At the swap meet, Urushihara and Chiho helped watch my stuff and alert me if someone wanted to swap, while I looked around for some trades -- Well... Chiho did. Urushihara just took a nap.

 photo 12291195_1066507096726529_6232581196542627150_o_zpsyb5u8yb0.jpg

 photo 12238050_1066507123393193_823967081912687991_o_zpstrt3kerk.jpg

There was a Jacuzzi and Nice!! *___*

 photo 12247986_1066507256726513_5762875248457754481_o_zpsfyvwtfwz.jpg

While I'm snagging Baccano photos, might as well get the Durarara cosplayer too... I still need to watch that.

 photo 12291852_1066507260059846_7107224479484762467_o_zpsqfvhejhx.jpg

I got a good haul from the swap meet, though I didn't get rid of as much as I'd like. I got a Newtype yearbook with the best of the year (I think it was 2000) and it had Cowboy Bebop art in it! *_* That's my best trade. I also traded for a Luigi plush. Someone wanted to swap for one of my posters and offered me a keychain of my choice from the dealer's room. I asked if they could find some particular characters, but he couldn't and brought me a Ciel Phantomhive instead. I... I really don't like Kuroshitsuji, but I took the trade just to be polite since he already spent the money. *sigh* I am sure I can trade that keychain for something else at A-kon.

When the meet started slowing down, we went to the feedback panel. Boy did we all have a lot to say about the hotel and location. It was a nice place, but the food choices sucked, the hotel didn't bother with trash cans around for the amount of crowds we had, and the elevators were in constant repair. But as a whole, feedback on the con itself was pretty good, and they are open to concrit, so I was happy. Julie and Kit sat outside waiting until it was done cause it was a packed room.

 photo 12241004_1066507263393179_6729919658783324573_o_zpstim511hc.jpg

When that ended, we went to the closing ceremonies. I ended up with extra raffle tickets for giving feedback at the previous panel.

 photo 12244346_1066094590101113_8342599133165477321_o_zpsiionf0s9.jpg

I didn't win though, lol.

Oh well.

When that was done, we hugged and went home. It was a walk to get to the car, a few blocks over, and people were already lined up for the parade, so we got funny looks lol. Thankfully it wasn't TOO hard to get out with a policeman directing traffic, and we took a straight shot home and just lazed around the house when we got back. I was exhausted.

ANT is a great con though, and I definitely plan to go back next year. It's small, but it's entertaining.

BONUS!! Here are some photos from my friends on Facebook!

 photo 12241191_442796309239210_3055281280283819519_n_zpsn4esbem1.jpg

 photo 12265914_1046164395435327_2123096574953829187_o_zpskfc1ctfo.jpg

 photo 12299390_10205229776531438_1158715459896836469_n_zpskbaclyjj.jpg

 photo 12238084_1046164528768647_7824529198227804843_o_zpsrngsqxu9.jpg

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