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Anime North Texas: Con report (2/3)

I really should have written this sooner. I forgot some things, but I'll do my best to let the schedule and photos jog my memory.

I got up early, we got breakfast again, and I finished the final details on my costume, then got into it and helped [personal profile] insidious into Sync. I don't remember exactly when we hit the con floor, but I think it was around 11ish. I think we only heard some of the con horror storries panel, but it was entertaining.

 photo 12241013_1065817956795443_1580278118180498924_o_zpsv91k3f1l.jpg

This was a cute take on Detective Conan, I don't normally genderswap but I liked their designs a lot.

 photo 11236476_1065817973462108_5168733791178638783_o_zpskjp5jjh3.jpg

Just a general view from above on the 3rd floor.

 photo 11257994_1065818003462105_52295854056254244_o_zps6rz23m92.jpg

 photo 12241082_1065818036795435_5640129199091987871_o_zpscvb6v1y5.jpg

 photo 12238000_1065818060128766_4125310332946594545_o_zpsiic5ytz9.jpg

We hit up the dealers room at some point, and I ran into Quantum Destiny in her Lina! I'm so glad to have gotten a picture in person! She did an amazing job on it, and is my favorite Lina cosplayer.

 photo 12238296_1065818083462097_41463132290727280_o_zpsx0xqqtkr.jpg

More cosplayers. I literally can't remember when these were taken, before or after eating, etc.

 photo 12244737_1065818200128752_797189304423792440_o_zps7eyqu9hv.jpg

 photo 12291026_1065818246795414_6100212848666128378_o_zpslrc5aiyr.jpg

 photo 12238098_1065818286795410_6203681172742160565_o_zpsdsyrxz1m.jpg

 photo 12291080_1065818313462074_4373911968565889966_o_zpshg6jwqta.jpg

 photo 12240224_1065818360128736_8854253974810275713_o_zpsmrevxkhq.jpg

 photo 12291099_1065818396795399_5028939598827198976_o_zpstgrznmlu.jpg

 photo 12240466_1065818476795391_4709410893213558200_o_zpsdtjkozdy.jpg

 photo 12244231_1065818736795365_7380973637404897183_o_zpsl9aa9mxk.jpg

 photo 12265589_1065818770128695_7897612332990249297_o_zpsxqpzzs8d.jpg

Somewhere in all that, we needed food, but it was an adventure and it was windy outside, and in general it just sucked. We walked and walked around because the burger joint was closed, and we'd already done the italian, but in the end we went back to the hotel with nothing to show for it but a windswept wig I'd spent so much time on, I was mad because it was nearly ruined. -_- I don't even remember what we did for food but I believe we had to call for a pizza in the end, diet be damned. Literally no choices in walking distance of the Ft Worth Hilton downtown except steakhouses. It's insanely stupid. Even the hotel was like, oh we have a steakhouse and starbucks, but... Oh you can order pizza if you want.

We did at least make it to the Lolita panel, but we were late because of all that wandering around for food and then waiting for delivery.

Also when the day wound down, we once again needed food, and preferably not more pizza. I wanted vegetables :(

We went to look at the list of restaurants again, just in case, and after much wavering debate, decided on Jimmy Johns delivery. I ran into my friend [ profile] celine downstairs when we were picking up the food. Bless Jimmy Johns for doing lettuce wraps, btw. I had no idea.

Everyone wanted to pose with my knife since I was still in my Quest for Glory costume. My friend [ profile] rubyredrose had sewing machine troubles all day though and never made it to the con because her machine decided to eat her costume. T_T We were both sad.

 photo 12239431_1065818823462023_4359361911111466093_o_zpsxmcrkulu.jpg

 photo 12182793_1065819103461995_8799676812106263423_o_zpsztt0k2ao.jpg

 photo 12240449_1065819146795324_3869624994483445694_o_zpsxdwmzrwd.jpg

 photo 12240888_1065819196795319_7411472688581815603_o_zpshj6kjsae.jpg

 photo 12244275_1065819240128648_7693211285372443093_o_zpskstcepbt.jpg

 photo 12238145_1065819290128643_4655605330733095303_o_zpszhzyeqax.jpg

We went back to the room and just focused on finishing our Devil is a Part-timer costumes, painting Lucifer's shoes and me making my apron. Lucifer of course stole my laptop.

 photo 12238308_1065802606796978_6892748365480506241_o_zpsnbqlkmcm.jpg

We finally made a midnight debut, or thereabouts, and wandered around for a few hours or so.

 photo 12239260_1065815243462381_5284585217089031256_o_zpszvh6hggi.jpg

We found the Touken Ranbu people!

 photo 12244741_1065819310128641_4278380276390216627_o_zpsbqe8zdjw.jpg

And Kurapika! *___*

 photo 12244560_1065819360128636_4313298691512134027_o_zpssdyb5nzq.jpg

The dance (by Greg Ayres) was also really awesome, so we lingered for a while and just people watched. This Yukio was awesome. He could really dance, but sadly I did not have photos of this. I think I have video but I'll have to look later.

 photo 12291952_1065819366795302_1434227306243023712_o_zpsgkffhoea.jpg

Lucifer just sat around on his PSP in true NEET fashion, and when we were too tired to stay awake any longer, we went back to the room to sleep. z_z

 photo 12247659_1066503620060210_4025746112744784368_o_zps4kilcxko.jpg

Part 3 to come later!!

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