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Asmaria ([personal profile] asmaria) wrote2015-12-14 09:51 am
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Slayers progress

So for Ikkicon this January, my roommate [personal profile] insidious and I are going to be Xellos and Lina Inverse, from Slayers! I started her costume last week. Mine, I did start a few weeks back, but life has gotten in the way and so I didn't get as far as I wanted. But I did do a significant amount on Saturday, at least.

 photo 12363022_1075464239164148_6198086705413411215_o_zpsrehxmah3.jpg

 photo 12308173_1070578719652700_7298725309125188417_o_zpsgxmaix4k.jpg
Lina's not so well-made pants that did not fit my ginormous ass, so I had to add the biggest waistband ever to. :(

The sleeves aren't hemmed in that pic, but I did that Sunday morning. I was going to hem the pants, but a lot of things came up and stressed me out, so no more progress yet... But I intend to catch up tonight. The pattern for the cape is already cut out, the hemline on the pants are marked, and I can get started as soon as I get home.

Also, I need to finish the EGL skirt I was working on. @_@ The Lolita meetup is this Saturday and I still have nothing to wear. I miiight be pulling an all-nighter tonight. x_x