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Anime North Texas: Con report (1/3)

Alright, I haven't done one of these in forever, but I feel like writing this one up.

This was a great con. It was little. It had maybe 2000 people? I don't know, I'm not good at counting. The con took up 3 floors of the Hilton Fort Worth on Main Street, a historic old hotel that's really pretty and worth visiting just for how cool it looks and the buildings around it. I don't think the hotel itself was prepared for how large this con grew since last year, but I hadn't been then so I don't know the difference between then and now. There were some big elevator problems but I think next year they'll have learned from it.

But the con itself was FUN. The panels were much better than A-kon and Animefest's have been over the last few years.

Getting ready for this con though... Nothing seemed to go right.

Right up until we left for the con, the sewing machines I was using were dying left and right. I finally snagged one from my friend Bree, on our way out of town Thursday night.

When we got there, we checked in fairly late in the evening and happened to be the customer of the day. What?? Hey, I am not complaining. We got a free pass for a drink (which we didn't realize expired the next day so we didn't use. Bummer) and a room upgrade to a larger king size room on the 12th floor. Bigger bathroom and a couch. Was it a suite? I don't... think so? But it might have been. *_* It was nice. The air fan in the ceiling was a little rattly, but I forgot about it most of the time. We had a refrigerator and the bed was super comfy. There was a table to set up the sewing machine. We settled in and watched Project Runway Jr.. I sewed a little and we went to bed. Most of my costume for Saturday was done, including the back motif, it just needed detail work on the front of the vest.

 photo 20151119_235338_zpskhgicq6g.jpg

The next day, we got the breakfast buffet. Expensive, but I always try to do it so we can make it through the con. Then we came back to the room to get ready, and I finished the front pieces on my vest for Saturday.

 photo 20151120_091247_zpskkblnguh.jpg

 photo 20151120_101024_zpskndydkwh.jpg

We put on our Tokyo Ghoul costumes and hit the convention floor around 10-ish.

 photo 12239424_1065238760186696_4548290647118556570_o_zpsteag530k.jpg

There was no wait to get badges. We had printed out our registration out already, but it was also kind of quiet at first. Plenty of cosplayers, though. Some things I took pics of for friends, too.

 photo 12273676_1065311846846054_5660003366295112109_o_zps7do9dmtd.jpg

 photo 12239254_1065311886846050_8924774966241255669_o_zpst8brzcl6.jpg

 photo 12265889_1065314346845804_4528591934640146269_o_zpsom3khv3c.jpg

 photo 12248009_1065314396845799_80117521383267179_o_zpsv2xx2eyv.jpg

 photo 12265938_1065314450179127_4672130155748002351_o_zpsl3ikgnoh.jpg

Around lunch, we decided to go out to eat. [personal profile] insidious and I are on a Keto diet, meaning it's basically Atkins with a little leeway on the carbs... Just a bit, though. We COULD NOT find anything healthy out in downtown Fort Worth. Nevermind the fact that every restaurant in walking distance was either subway or fine dining, there were no other fast food places at all. I mean at least chicken nuggets and a salad was allowable on our diet.

...we got pizza. But I still managed to get by with no pasta, and some eggplant parmesan and a salad. For 18 bucks. -_-

 photo 12248031_1065314526845786_5754720194895695632_o_zpsprwxuv74.jpg

The restaurant looked freaking COOL, though. Retro art deco design on everything. It was called Picchi Pacchi, and the building itself was the Sinclair Building. I would definitely go back. Either to eat the food or just explore the building.

 photo 11230920_1065314596845779_7387479188055395393_o_zpsw9vcwvf6.jpg

 photo 12247805_1065314626845776_6987783422345015490_o_zpsty8xavfe.jpg

I can never get a photo of [personal profile] insidious without her flipping the camera off, lol. But it's IC for Ayato, so that works.

We ate on the second floor of the interior of the restaurant, which was basically overlooking the seating and ordering area.

 photo 12248085_1065314650179107_1025511253430830005_o_zps43heom4p.jpg

 photo 20151120_162118_zpszuitlrpv.jpg

I took more pictures of the inside of the building itself. There are bits of history behind glass displays on the walls on the first floor. There was also a barber and cigar shop.

 photo 20151120_164930_zpsex5mwcpq.jpg

 photo 20151120_164953_zps7x5h8ljy.jpg

 photo 20151120_165002_zps4dnia8ia.jpg

 photo 20151120_165022_zpsfz1rjqkt.jpg

 photo 20151120_165140_zpsipibkxyd.jpg

I got a little touristy once we left, and started oogling other buildings... This one's the Kress Building. Cless...? Ok, I'm just a nerd and thought it sounded like the odd translations of the hero's name in Tales of Phantasia. It was also pretty inside.

 photo 20151120_165421_zpsoalcbcim.jpg

 photo 20151120_165422_zpslnmo6fge.jpg

 photo 20151120_165613_zpsv0pb1yvx.jpg

 photo 20151120_165619_zpszbjx9t5g.jpg

After that, we went back to the con. We attended the men's cosplay panel out of sheer curiosity. I didn't know some of the struggles guys have to look good in their costumes. It was informative. Then there was the hatmaking panel. I missed part of it, I think because we had to run to the room and got caught up in elevator hell, but what I saw of it was helpful.

Then we wandered around for a bit, then decided to forage for food again.

This time we found a little cafe (J's Burgers) with Chinese food and burgers and chicken strips. They were CROWDED, though. We rushed through ordering because we felt flustered, and I was disappointed how small the burger was. Now, I asked for it without a bun, but mind you most places still give you a decent amount of meat. This was high-school-cafeteria level quantity and quality. I am pretty sure it was just pre-frozen hamburger meat and a few pieces of veggies. :( But oh well.

We got back to the con in time for the muscles and boobs panel by Quantum Destiny! It was SO helpful because... well, I am flat. If I ever have need to boobify a costume where they show a little... Or muscles, for that matter.

 photo 20151120_185543_zpso9wrratc.jpg

Go look her up on FB or Tumblr if you want tutorials on it, she has a lot of good info.

After that, we walked around the con more, and found my friend Kevin dressed as Shredder! I think this was before we decided to get drinks at the bar, because when we got there, we found a Maou-sama, who we enthusiastically told we'd be in our Devil Is A Part-Timer costumes on Sunday.

 photo 12247883_1065357900174782_7890906331696094135_o_zpsycjludi0.jpg

 photo 12240371_1065357930174779_1730491541456214509_o_zpshuizie66.jpg

 photo 12239335_1065358083508097_3833247233656745443_o_zpsrjsaorsr.jpg

 photo 12273734_1065358986841340_8956252333380377993_o_zpskmetiqvi.jpg

Then we got messed up with one drink. I don't know what they put in it, because when I asked for a Tequila Sunrise, they were out of pineapple. So they made us something sweet. It. Was. Strong. At that point, I was tired and it was only around 8:30.

 photo 12239163_1065817826795456_3236030871130369266_o_zpsfhuosc4g.jpg

But I had stuff to sew, anyway. We walked around a while to sober up (And found an Arche!), then retired back to the room. I ended up not working on anything, and instead wrote some RP. Then we passed out in anticipation of the next day. :)

I'll write up part 2 soon! This is way more than enough for one post!

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