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Watching .hack//SIGN and reading journals at work... I'm having a strange sense of deja vu and it's just too weird.
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I started watching Owari no Seraph since all my friends are into it. I really like the idea of the plot, but haven't settled yet on if the characters grab me beyond their stereotypes. I keep finding myself liking them, but then getting disappointed when things fall exactly into the set of events I am predicting them to. I was really iffy on the purple-haired girl being annoying or not, and then just when I started liking her, I wanted to punch her in the face. But... But I keep wanting to see how it ends, and so I'm about 6 episodes in.

But I'm so busy.

All I've been doing lately is sew all day (on weekends), eat, sleep, go to work, INTEND to sew at my desk, but work gets frustrating with tasks I should be able to complete quickly, but somehow wrangle most of my time away, and then it's nearly time to go home and repeat the process and sew until I'm too exhausted to think straight.

I am really hanging in there for a break. But I have 3 costumes to complete, and as usual, they are just difficult. x_x

Anyway, have a progress shot, if you're interested. This is Sync for my roommate, for Aselia-con.

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I've got to finish this, my Brute costume from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, and a Decus costume we've started for her as well. Just three more weeks. I can do this. x_x I want to have both of hers completely done by not this weekend, but the next.

Sorry I've been quiet otherwise. This is what's been eating my life.
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Everything with Slayers fell through for Ikkicon, and I was bummed about it, but we pulled off our Blue Exorcist costumes (thanks to and it was much less stressful thanks to that. @_@ I think I need to get to bed early again tonight though, because I'm still tired.

First though, I've got to clean the living room, kitchen, and start working on what isn't finished from our cosplays for the next cons. Xellos came down to being like 95% done except maybe it's more like 90% when I think about how much work those goddamn rectangles on his trim are. There are 33 of them. A circular cape is deceptively large if you think about it. T____T

I'm going to take them to work to do them by hand tomorrow. Tonight, I'm starting my Brute costume from Tales of Symphonia 2, for Aselia-con.

And next Saturday, I FINALLY get to see Star Wars. I've been waiting this long and am somewhat spoiled, annoyingly so, but I've avoided hearing anything else about it, since. :|
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I never had time to make the dress I wanted to for the meetup. :( I'm disappointed to be wearing the same dress I wore last year. But I'll try to change it up a bit with accessories at least, and maybe I'll have my dress done by the new years meet. :/ I'd considered not going today, but I'd been looking forward to it for months and I still should get to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping.

Then there's my cosplays. As usual, I should have started sooner, but it's only been in the past month that I've felt enough energy to do anything. So here's hoping I can catch up by next week. X_x I'll have an update later tonight about things.
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So for Ikkicon this January, my roommate [personal profile] insidious and I are going to be Xellos and Lina Inverse, from Slayers! I started her costume last week. Mine, I did start a few weeks back, but life has gotten in the way and so I didn't get as far as I wanted. But I did do a significant amount on Saturday, at least.

pics! )

The sleeves aren't hemmed in that pic, but I did that Sunday morning. I was going to hem the pants, but a lot of things came up and stressed me out, so no more progress yet... But I intend to catch up tonight. The pattern for the cape is already cut out, the hemline on the pants are marked, and I can get started as soon as I get home.

Also, I need to finish the EGL skirt I was working on. @_@ The Lolita meetup is this Saturday and I still have nothing to wear. I miiight be pulling an all-nighter tonight. x_x
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Alright, I haven't done one of these in forever, but I feel like writing this one up.

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I'll write up part 2 soon! This is way more than enough for one post!
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 I'm going to Anime North Texas this weekend!

I've been working on some simple costumes over the weekend and this week, but even that was too much for my old sewing machine to handle. It went out, then the machine I borrowed froze up (I suspect rust or something internal), and the latest machine I got my hands on is from like 1950 or something, and the band is about to snap (like my machine also did). 

I just.

Can this please stop happening right before a con for me? I'm exhausted. 4 hours sleep is not cutting it, nor is this stress, but I'm going to get this tunic done, so help me. It's for a group my friend has really really wanted to do. I don't want to default on it, even if that means finishing it at the con. :|

If you're going though, I'll be there in Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) on Friday, and hopefully the Hero of Spielburg (Quest for Glory II) on Saturday if the latest sewing machine I borrow tonight holds up... and same thing goes for Sunday; I'll be Ashiya (Devil is a Part-Timer) if I can get my apron done. :(

Well all of the stress aside, I'm excited for it...
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Oh my god, this show. ;_; It's only 12 episodes. I cried at pretty much every one of them at some point or another.

I wish it hadn't ended, but at the same time, I think that's the perfect number of episodes to resolve what it did. I wouldn't mind a second season, but I know it would be different from the first.

I need to cosplay from it, though, and maybe read fic. @_@

...pandora, you are not helping here.
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Well this is a spontaneous update. I wanna ramble on about something though, and don't really have anyone to listen.

I started watching Death Parade, and it's really interesting! At first I found it upsetting. The premise is that after people die, they are sent to this bar called Quindecim, where arbiters decide upon who will be reincarnated, or who will be sent to the void/hell. The more I watch it though, the more psychological it gets, breaking down people's motivations and what makes one human, the emotions that drive us, etc. It's just... really, really fascinating.

I haven't been able to hate a single character. More often than not it makes me want to cry. I'm a little sentimental, though. ;;;

And the characters driving the decisions are complicated too, even though they were meant to have no emotion. I'm on episode 9, and I have to get to a doctor's appointment, but it's a cliffhanger and so that means I've got to wait until tomorrow. Augh.

But I have RP to write with my roommate tonight. That's generally how I spend my evenings. As much as I've tried to play in public games, I can't seem to stick with it when I have only a couple of people I can write consistently with and not have all my ideas dry up.

Thus the Dilandau icon rather than Decim or Nona or something, haha. I've been writing him and it's a lot of fun.

I guess I had better catch my ride, though. I might have more to say on this show, later.
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I just found my archives of RP from all the MUCKs I joined over the years.

That sure was some quality RP back in the day... lmao )
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This is a test to crosspost to my LJ. Yeah, I guess that means I'm posting there again. :P
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Okay, I'm making an effort to update this thing. I just admitted to a friend that I don't have the energy to keep up with my journal anymore, but the thing is, I really want to. I really overexerted myself the last few months preparing for Aseliacon. It was worth it, though. I just don't know how to balance my time and all the stress.

The con was amazing. I want to post a report on it at some point. I took a lot of video and have uploaded half of it, then I got sidetracked just being lazy at home and watching old episodes of Hell's Kitchen and playing games. But I haven't even finished those. I started Tales of Xillia and Tales of Symphonia, but the only thing I've been able to wrap my head around lately is the stories I've been writing with my roommate. I know that's boring to everyone else. I wish my brain didn't get stuck in a one-track rut, because I'd like to be able to do lots of other things at the same time, too. I have another amazing RP I'm in and it's like my brain just won't compute and give me the energy to focus on it. I feel like crap for that.

I started working on the boots for [personal profile] insidious's Raven costume. (She's going to be Raven and I'm going to be Karol for A-kon) But my fingers still have not forgiven me for making Alvin's boots. They are cracked and peeling. Hand sewing is a bitch. I need sewing gloves like hardcore. u_u And then I got sick and haven't felt like doing much of anything ON TOP of not feeling like doing anything. -_-

I swear to god I'm going to accomplish something tonight. I took the boots to work and I can't even force the needle through the leather. I guess I'll attempt to awkwardly force them through the sewing machine tonight if that works... Failing that, no matter how uncomfortable I feel, I need to get started on sewing Raven's shirt. I want it done by this weekend.

Nevermind that I have flower accesories to sew for my shop... @_@
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Posting this to do list here so I have some place to keep up with it... Even if I don't get it all done, I want to get at least half tonight. ~_~

Make dinner
Stitch down ribbon on Leia collar

Take out all the trash in the garage
Pick up all the trash bags upstairs
Clean off my desk
Clean the floor around my desk
Move one of the sewing machines upstairs
Take pics of the manga for sale and post online
Make Alvin boot cuff pattern
Finish Lloyd jacket pattern
Start Alvin vest pattern
Start Leia boot cuff pattern
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I've been sewing lately, getting ready for Aselia Con. I've got 3 costumes to make (Lloyd Irving and Leia Rolando for me, Alvin for [personal profile] insidious). I'm running a panel on Exspheres and Key Crests as Lloyd, and I'm volunteering. I am trying to draw enough stuff to have an art table.

Am I overexerting myself?


But I'm so excited. ;_____;

I watched Julie play all the way through Xillia on Jude's side. When I'm done with everything, I'll play Milla's side. I have spoiled myself mostly though, because I kinda had an emotional freak out about the things I didn't know and needed to for RP. It was a little bit dumb of me. But I hope I'll still enjoy my playthrough.

Last night I played more Vesperia and got all the way to the scene with Belius and Leviathan's Claw. (Ugh and I wanted to cry, that scene and my feels.... ;_;) Probably should have worked more on Alvin's shirt, but I can do that tonight. It should be done, save the trim on the collar. I'll work all weekend to try and get the rest of his accessories and vest done. Lloyd's gloves need to be finished for me to be satisfied, too.

That gives me like 6 weeks to make his coat, Lloyd's shirt, and Leia's dress. I can do this. I will not panic. I swear sometimes the overarching scope of a project can sometimes send me into an everlasting state of anxiety, but I seem to be doing really well with my sewing again and... not to jinx myself, I think if I just keep at this pace it'll be fine. Dad is having my sewing machine repaired, and I'm borrowing a working one right now besides.

I started cooking bento again. Well, more like last night I finally used the butternut squash I bought back in December. Damn, whatever the local farms are doing to grow produce, that stuff lasts... I know it's a winter squash and it should anyway, but it was still super hard to cut up. I put it in my slow-cooker and so that along with leftovers is my lunch for today.

Bento! )

I hope if I just use the slow cooker a lot I can eat healthy and keep up my strength. I need to stop eating out, to save time and money for these cosplays (and my hotel room e_e). I also had gained back half of what I lost over Christmas break, and managed to get down to 209 again. If I can be 199 by the middle of March, I'll be happy no matter how I look in my Leia cosplay.

Ugh I need to eat now. I'll post more updates later. I'm starving and my head hurts. T_T
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So I found out that the airline credit I have with Southwest Airlines is expiring in May, and I had planned to use it for my Otakon flight... only to learn that the flight I purchase HAS to happen before the credit expires. What the hell, man.

I found a con I want to go to. Anime St. Louis has Matthew Mercer as a guest (He plays Alvin in Tales of Xillia), and I reallllyy want to get that man's autograph. So I reserved a hotel room. I just hope I can get the money for the stay in time. The flight's not such a big deal... but getting into the con and staying there sure is. -_-

Is anyone else planning on going? I know my FL is small, so chances are, probably not. But if you are, I've got space in my room, and am looking for someone to split the cost with!
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Finally done with the holidays with my family, and I am overwhelmed. In a good way. I got a lot of stuff I didn't think that I deserved. I hope that the gifts I was able to afford to give were appreciated. :)

[personal profile] debbiechan, thank you for the digital card! I didn't see it until recently! D: I need to check my email more often.

So after searching quite a few times, I finally found all the Wedding Peach soundtracks online! *_____* I'm on a kick for this series again. It's so corny, but in a good way, because it's so ridiculous it goes back around again into awesome and funny. I like it just as much as I like Sailor Moon, and while they have a lot of the same old tropes/plots, I think it stands well as its own magical girl series.

You can download them all here.

Since school is over (I GOT AN A!!!! OMG *CRIES* ;o;), I settled down to start playing all the games I haven't been able to touch. It's been too hard to focus. I'm currently playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Tales of the Abyss on my 3DS, which I've had most of the year but never had the time to do more than play a few minutes of. I had to restart my game of Abyss because I got lost. And then I started my own game of Tales of Vesperia on [personal profile] insidious's XBox. I got a Vita for Christmas, so when I've finished all of those I have Ys: Memories of Celceta to start. But I haven't beaten the earlier Ys games either, so I should probably do that first... ugh. That's not even everything. But a few at a time, or I'll start mixing the stories up.

And on top of all that? I've been watching [personal profile] insidious play Tales of Xillia, and have become totally attached to the character Alvin. No spoilers though, please... we're only 3/4 of the way through the game. Ugh, my feels for that game may surpass any of the other Tales so far.


I try to buy all my games, but if it's not available in English, what can you do? :| Anyway, that's another set of games I want to begin, but I'll have to wait until I finish everything else, and borrow them from my roommate. I just went and put it on my PSP so she'd be able to play it too.

Well, back to trying not to get sick here at work. One of my coworkers is out sick with the flu. I usually carpool with him, but we haven't been around each other all week thankfully. I just hope no one else at the office has caught anything because I haven't had a flu shot. T__T
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Okay, I'm going to write a post today. I've been telling myself that for nearly 2 months now, no more excuses.

I spent a lot of today being a bum, but then I also finally got the drive to go clean a lot of the garage out. I found a bunch of junk in the kitchen cabinets I don't need anymore too, and tomorrow morning the 1-800-got-junk guys are coming to haul away all the stuff I can't get rid of on my own. Goodbye broken chair in the garage, old TV, shelves I don't use, etc. ~_~

In cleaning, I found some interesting stuff, though. Including a buried old notebook from, get this, 2001. XD It's from my first years in college, when I attended with [ profile] togabitoion. We used to pass notes in math class, and I drew a lot, too. As the pictures indicate, I was not a dedicated student. Compared to my school notebooks now, it's downright sad how bad of a student I used to be. But hey, lots of Chrono Crusade, Twin Signal, and Fire Emblem fanart resulted... XD

Hey, [personal profile] debbiechan, Look at this! I found it earlier in the week and it reminded me of the art your son made me out of pipe-cleaners. I thought if you hadn't seen it yet, he might find it neat. :)

I think I realize now why I vanish from the internet so much. I mean, I could spell it out plainly before. I get overwhelmed and take some time off, then procrastinate coming back because there's so much to do and so many people to keep up with, it's overwhelming to think of even starting. But I never really considered I had social anxiety until my doctor put it as part of my diagnosis. I guess it makes sense. I just figured I burned out easy and I had too much to do IRL anyway. But most people keep up no problem. I am sorry if I ever leave people hanging. I think it's gotten worse lately because I used to be online ALL the time. Now I use up a lot of my time doing mindless things on the internet without talking to anyone. I kind of miss the ease of being a social butterfly. Is this part of getting old?
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Obligatory Ys icon because I picked up Ys: Memories of Celceta yesterday! Whoo! (Even though I'm waiting to see if I get a Vita for Christmas...)

Sorry for being scarce, I have been drowning in homework and just have had absolutely no energy for anything else except mindless internet games. x_x I got drawn into Flight Rising, so that's about the extent of me doing fun things outside of work and school.

I hope that everyone in the USA has a good holiday weekend! And anyone else too, anyways! X)

By the way, [personal profile] killua, I have the money for that Kaito figure if you still have it. ;_; Yes, 3 months or so after I said I'd buy it. I'm sorry!


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